With the evolution of web technologies, selecting a unique website building platform is a demanding process. A consumer takes into account numerous factors before he decides a tool for the creation of his site. From the structure and goals of the website to target the audience, knowledge about each element allows you in the selection of the best kit for website building. When you compare the available platforms and software, the consumer it is quite difficult to find out what is the best option: hosting providers or the online website builders.

The difference between the website builders and hosting providers
The critical differences between the two include technical issues. When it comes to talking about providing the hosting facilities and website services with the web server, both operate in the same manner. But the delivery of the services is entirely different.



The website builders were designed to make the building process easy. They do not need technical skills and allow consumers to create a unique website of any niche within some time. The principal benefits include:

  • Fast building process
  • Intuitive interface
  • Hosting and Domain
  • Technical support


Selecting the hosting providers may appear with multiple actions to make sure a different website operation. A consumer should make sure that all the platforms and technologies are consistent with the hosting providers. It involves the clear understanding and technical knowledge about the working of the system. Otherwise, it can result in performance and operating errors. If the users are professional in CSS editing or HTML, they can gain benefit from multiple opportunities of customization.

Winner: when it comes to talking about the easiness to use, the website builders are winners as it does not need specialized knowledge. They only require signing in, selecting a template and begin the editing.



The time will take only two to three hours between signing in and publish a website when you choose for a website builder. A consumer needs to complete these steps before he clicks on the publish icon.

  • Logging in.
  • Selection of a free template from the available categories
  • Editing the platform and start customizing each page
  • Adding the content via the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Publishing the website.

The platform handles all the technical issues that you prefer to choose.


The duration of the process is dependent on the knowledge and professional involvement of the user. If you are a professional website developer, it is demanding for you to handle designing, coding, testing, and designing. If you are a new user, there are fewer chances that you can reach the stage of your website publishing.
For this, you require hiring anyone that looks similar to the platforms such as WordPress. It means that it requires extra time and cost, it requires weeks and months in the completion of work.

Winner: apparently, the website builders offer a simple way, and a fast process in the creation of a website and publishing involves a few hours while the professional web designers appreciate the opportunities of customization that are delivered by the self-hosting options.

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