Most of the time people start their business or website / blog with a dedicated server straight away. but often time it is a unnecessary expense for your business. but there are some circumstances what you need a dedicated server and we are going to talk what they are.

Here are the main reasons for using a dedicated server.

  • Heavy Resource usage.
  • Heavy Visitor count / Bandwidth.
  • Need of Security.
  • Need of full Control over the server

If your hosting needs does not concern at least two of the above reasons, you don’t need a dedicated server. you will be fine with a VPS or a Cloud Hosting plan. most of the time people buy an expensive server planing to have more visitors in the future. but as we have seen, 98% of the time, they will not. to get an idea how many people visiting your website so you will be required to move to a dedicated server, see following example.

we moved this client’s website from a 4gb RAM VPS to a dedicated server after their blog began to have 1.5 million visitors per month. up until then, even at 1 million visitors per month they were just fine. website loading speed was under 2 seconds and there were no 100% resource usage. they had over 2000 blog posts and built with wordpress. this figure can be different and can be influenced by page size, downloadable content, database size, wordpress theme, plugin etc…

If you are planing to start with a dedicated server for your brand new website, out advice is don’t. invest that extra money for SEO or for a SSL certificate. it will bring more use for your website than having extra RAM and space which you will never use. good luck!

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