Working with a designer for the first time is a complicated process for many people. Anyone who wants to take in web designers for their project is usually curious about their work process in coming up with a design. So what steps should you generally expect your web designer to follow? Here are some crucial steps that you should keep an eye on when searching for a good web designer;


This should be the first step that you should expect from any designer worth their salt. Any designer who simply jumps into the whole work is simply not doing their job properly enough. There are many clients who have no clue about what their site should be like and depend on the kind of recommendations that their web designer will issue. Therefore it is quite important that all designers be in a position to research everything about the brand and how to position it well amongst its competitors online.

Site overview

The next thing that you should expect is an illustration of the site on a site map. This pretty much shows you where all the site’s elements will fit into the overall web design. It is an organization of how the development work will be done. There might be changes during the whole development process but these should only be minor modifications on the overall site map.


Having organized the whole website through the use of a site map, the next part is to organize each page using a wireframe. These wireframes are more like the blueprint of each page. However they need not be followed strictly but just give the designer the overall understanding of how to code the whole site. They also are not necessarily implemented on all types of sites depending on the type of content. More complex sites need to have wireframes in the design process but simpler sites need not have one.

Mock-up design

This is generally where the client is given rough graphic overviews of how their site will appear when complete. This is done with the help of Photoshop. At this stage you should expect to be given a variety of designs of how you would want your site to look like and then get to choose one. It is therefore important that you completely tell your web designers exactly how you picture your website being like. This way they can give you 3-4 variants of how they can implement your idea.

The coding part

After selection of the mock-up design that best suits you, the development phase starts off. In other words the HTML and CSS bits are now hard coded in creating your website. This phase also involves having to check on how well the site can render in different devices (cross-platform responsiveness).

At this point your site will be up and running. However, one vital thing you should also expect is the support from your developers when anything happens. This can be discussed whether it is included in the original package or additional fees apply.

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