What is a SSL certificate?

SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer, a standard web technology that is used to secure information being transmitted to a server. SSL ensures that any information that is passed between a browser and server is encrypted, and cannot be deciphered should it be intercepted by a third party.

SSL certificates are usually sold by web hosting and domain registration companies. The certificates are usually required in e-commerce websites and other sites that require users to enter sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers, home addresses, emails among others. Web owners have to install SSL certificates in order to secure their users’ information.

Should I Install SSL In my Website?

Installing an SSL certificate on your website is optional. However, if you are likely to take any sensitive information from your customers, it is recommended that you install an SSL certificate. E-commerce sites, credit institutions, and private sections of a company’s website are examples where installing SSL is recommended. If you have a blog or website which you do not use to collect any sensitive information from your users, installing the certificates may not be crucial.

SSL and Online Payments

If you operate an online store, installing SSL is a definite must. With e-commerce sites, customers usually have to sign up at the website before the can purchase anything. Having an SSL certificate assures customers that the information that they are entering on your website is secured. Today, many people are used to shopping online and expect e-commerce sites to have SSL certificates. With the certificates, they are assured that the information they enter such as their credit card numbers is safe and will not be intercepted by prying third parties.
By installing SSL on your e-commerce website, your conversion rates will improve and this will increase your profits. Customers are quick to leave websites that do not guarantee their information is secured. Trust and security are major issues online. With the common horror stories of credit card theft online, no one is taking any chances. You do not want to lose sales by failing to install an SSL certificate.

Capitalize On The Branding of SSL Certificates Providers

Most of the companies that provide SSL certificates are well- known and have come to symbolize information security online. Brands like VeriSign, GeoTrust, Comodo and others have made a name for themselves over the years for securing customer data transmitted online. When you buy an SSL certificate, the SSL company will issue you with a seal to show that your website is secured using their SSL certificate. This immediately increases customers’ confidence when they are shopping or entering their information ,

What If I opt not to use SSL?

Using SSL is not mandatory. However, you have to weigh the sales consequences of not having an SSL certificate installed. Customers may leave your website when they realize you do not have the certificate. This may in turn make your website be considered a scammer site, something that will drastically hurt your conversions.

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