If you want to be happy with the type of job you are doing then you should pick out one that you love. Web design also has many careers in the field and you can end up in many positions in an organization. If you are creative, each of these positions has the ability to utilize your creative nature and boost your output in the best way possible. It is better to become accustomed with these positions in order to understand where one feels more comfortable in. They include;

User experience designer

These designers are usually involved in creating engaging web technologies which are based off research from the potential users that the site seeks to attract. They are the ones who are concerned with the overall usage experience of the user and as a result conduct a series of tests on prototypes on different devices. You need to have in depth knowledge in web design in order to fit well in this position.

User interface designer

These developers are involved in creating the web interfaces responsible for connecting users to the backend processes. They usually try to use code that is easily usable and accessible to the end users. They therefore make use of technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript among others in coming up with a complete product. They also need to get the design from the graphic designer and work on it in order to bring out the finished product.

Mobile designer

These are developers whose design work is solely based on mobile platforms. They usually combine with other developers in creating functional designs that render well on mobile devices. They are also involved in creating aesthetic displays for mobile designs and as a result need to have a wide array of knowledge in different programming languages.

Information architect

As the name suggests, these individuals are usually involved in recreating the client’s idea into a graphic mock-up before it is coded. They usually listen to their client’s needs, do market research on the potential users of the site and suggest features that will be helpful in the overall user experience. They are also involved in conducting usability tests on the end product in order to ensure that the experience is optimized and modify any flaws in the overall design architecture.

Flash developers

These developers are usually involved in creating dynamic content online for the purposes of advertisements, marketing, and games among other applications that require flash. Most of these designers have a wide array of knowledge and experience in CSS, HTML and JavaScript among others.

These are among some of the most common web design jobs that you can find in the market. You can learn bits from each field but at the end of the day it is important that you choose one field that you are content with and which you are willing to become an expert in. This will definitely differentiate you from other designers wherever you are working at. Happy web designing!

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