what is an expired domain?

An expired domain is a domain that has not being paid for renewal by it’s owner or registrant. and not yet available for re-registration nor renewal by it’s owner. when a domain expires domain registrars typically allows a grace period for registrants to renew it. if they failed to renew it within the given period registrars allow anyone to purchase the domain for a per-determined price (this is higher than registration fee) or send them to auction so highest bidder should have it.

Why expired domains ?

An expired domain has some value to it. not all of them but certain domains. these are usually keyword domains, brandable domains and short domain. also it is not a brand new domain to a search engines eyes so it will have some SEO value too. also many domains already have backlinks built to it.

Where to buy these expired domains?

there are many markets which offers expired domain as buy now or auctions. here is a list of some biggest markets.

Godaddy Auctions

‘Godaddy auctions’ is the largest domain market today. besides expired domains there are millions of domains sold by members. and yes, you can sell in this market too. you only need a subscription of $4.99 per year known as godaddy auction membership.

to see the expired domains only list, click advanced search and tick ‘expired domains’ and search. you can filter by value, traffic it received while being expired, bid count, current highest bid etc… expired domains are in the market for only 11 days and highest bidder will win the domain. after winning and making payment you should have your domain in your godaddy account within maximum 14 days. godaddy offers expired domains not only from it’s own registered ones but from other registrars as well. so the list is huge and you will find many valuable domains each day going as high as $50k.

Name.com Expired Domains

name.com expired domains are not auctioned, you can buy them instantly and use them instantly too. but there is a catch. when an expired domain enters the market it’s price is somewhat expensive.and gradually reduced in the following 5 days. as an example a .com domain enters the market at $149. then the price is reduced the next few days. in the last day or fifth day,  a .com domain can be purchased for $15.99 and unsold domains get deleted.


namejet is a pretty hot market with a lot of auctions happening fast. this market is for high priced domains only. since namejet is not a registrar but only a domain market, it only have dropping / expiring domains.


sedo is not an expired domain market. but did you know that many domains acquired by expired domain auctions ends up in this place ? yes, many domain investors typically put their newly acquired domain up for sale with a profit margin in sedo market. if you failed to snap your domain in any of the above markets and you absolutely need that domain, you should look up on sedo and 80% of the time you will see it put up for sale or auction in there.

hope this info helps you and let us know if you know any other good place for buying expired domain names by commenting below. Good luck!

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