Free SEO tools for new websites

Their are many resources out their to help people find success on their website. Since SEO is such a huge field of study, with so much competing advice, it can be hard for the beginner to know where to turn for the “real deal”. Finding the tools of most value to your online marketing campaign can be just as daunting. So I have compiled a list of sites that I use to help me help my clients achieve their online revenue goals. – This is a quick little tool that will help you see your website the way search engine bots do. It trims out the flash, images, javascript and everything else that the search engine spiders can’t read and lets you see just how visible your content is. This is a good starting point for existing sites to make sure your keywords are actually working for you and aren’t hidden by design or technology. – (This tool has been discontinued.) This handy tool will give you a really good idea of which words on the page will be considered the keywords by the major search engines. The site will show you the one word, two word and three word keywords of the page. In most cases the most important column will be the three word combination, since most searches are performed using three or more words in the query. The term extractor will show you how well you’ve written your content, if you see the wrong words being chosen as your keywords, it’s time to start rewriting. – Here you can get several key metrics from any site on the web, which means you can check out how your competitors are setting up their SEO campaign. You can see what their target keywords are, who their competitors are, traffic estimates and much more. This tool will help you discover keywords that you may not have thought of, help you discover competitors that you may not be aware of and help you capitalize on the mistakes of others and exploit their weaknesses. – The latent semantic content search engine. Find words that relate to your primary keywords by using this tool. Search engines determine the topic of a page by looking at the words that appear in certain key locations and with the greatest frequency, but they also look at words that support the primary words. In other words a page that is about dogs, but also uses words like canine, fido, leash or bark will rank higher than a page that just uses the word dog several times. Those other words are called latent semantic content. – Google has explicitly stated that site performance is one of the metrics they use for ranking a site. If the site loads slowly or isn’t compliant with web standards it may take a rating hit. You can check for bugs on your site by looking it up on the validator page. The tool will create a list of errors as well as suggestions on how to fix them. – Content is king. If you have poorly written content your site will not perform well. It is well worth it to hire someone who can write well to create the content for your site. Elance helps you find content writers who are trained in SEO and can write great, keyword targeted content for reasonable prices. – Getting backlinks is a key part of SEO. One way to get good quality backlinks is to submit articles to a variety of sites that are in your market vertical. An easy way to do this is to write and submit articles to ezinearticles. Once you submit an article it is put out for others to place on their site. The better your article, the more likely it will get placed. You can include a link back to your site in your credits and even in the article itself. Assuming you write a good article, you can get several links back to site from just that one article. – This tool will let you see a fairly complete list of the backlinks to a given page. You can use this tool to check out where your competitors are getting their links, then use that information to get some links of your own.

In the end there are several tools that you can use to increase your sites presence on the web. They can make you life much easier if you know how to use them. If you need help with your SEO efforts please contact me today to find out how I can help you get the success you are looking for.

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