When you build a web page there are several things to juggle, the code, where the page fits in the sitemap, how you’re going to get traffic to it and how you’re going to get that traffic to convert to sales after visiting your page. Here I’ll go over 5 of the top things to keep in mind for web pages to increase conversions.

Things to consider when designing a web page.

1. Be Clear

If visitors don’t know what the page is about, or can’t find the links to make a purchase or contact you, then they won’t. Remember most people are using the internet to make their lives easier, if you start to complicate things for them, they’ll go somewhere else. That won’t help your conversion rate.

Each page should be divided into clear sections, the main navigation should be in one area, the text and related pictures and diagrams in another. Use headlines to break up sections of text so people can quickly scan the page and know where to find the exact information they are looking for.

2. Tell Them What To Do

If you want people to sign up for your newsletter, tell them. If you want them to buy something, give them a clearly labeled button to push to make a purchase. This doesn’t mean that the call to action has to dominate the page, it just means it needs to be easy to find. Ideally you would employ both a text link and a graphic button on the page. I would also suggest that you place your call to action both above and below the fold of the page. As any sales person will tell you, calls to actions make conversions.

3. Make the text easy to read

The text on your page needs to be easy to read, that means that the main bodies of text will be written in a font that is easy to read, like Verdana or Times. Save the decorative fonts for short headlines. You will also want to make sure that the font color stands out against the background color, you won’t be using blue text on a green background.

4. Keep Content Relevant

Don’t be like your old aunt Betty and tell wandering stories and address fifteen different topics when you started out trying to explain one thing. If you have a page on Bass Fishing, don’t spend more than a sentence on outboard boat motors. Stay on topic. If you decide that you really want to go into boat motors, create another page and link to it from your bass fishing page. The people who clicked the link to get to your page did so expecting the information promised, not something else. If they feel that the information isn’t relevant to their interest they will leave.

5. Limit the number of Steps

Remember that the idea is to help people get to where you want them to be. Getting there should be simple, which means it should take as few steps as possible. Ideally a person should be able to get from any page on your site to any other page in four steps or less. The contact page and purchase page should take fewer steps. Ideally these two key pages should be reachable in one click.

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