hi folks, today we are discussing the most necessary and common things to follow after creating a new blog. these steps and things can be different from blogger to blogger, and you might want to do things in your own preferred way when becoming more experienced, but these are the steps focusing newbies and who are not expert bloggers.

so, you had an awesome idea for a blog and you might have already bought a domain and installed wordpress on it. now you have a brand new blog you are planing to make money with. now what should you do ?

Remove unnecessary content.
wordpress contains a sample page and a sample post + a comment. you need to remove these before getting indexed by google and other search engines.

Change general settings:

In your general settings, change your blogs tag line. it just says ‘just a another wordpress blog’ and you don’t need that indexed in case google bot pays a visit.

Change Permalinks:

Adjust permalink structure to something other than its default plain settings. most used way is to have post name after the domain.

Install a Theme

you can install a free theme or a premium one depends on your budget and personal choice. but a premium theme can offer you more features from the start of your new blog.

Post your first Blog post

This is very important for two reason. first if your blog gets indexed before you plan inform google about it, you will have something original in your blog and second reason is you might want to see how things look when you are making modifications with your theme.

Create Google Analytics and Google Search console properties.

Now you need to create google analytics and search console properties so your new blog will get crawled and you will be able to track your visitors and progress.

Install an SEO plugin.

Install and SEO plugin and create a site map along with it. you might want to submit your new sitemap to google search console as well. we are doing this after creating google analytics and search console properties because most of the SEO plugins ask you for google analytics code / ID and search console verification code.

Add new content and create your brand.

Now its time to create your blogs logo and banners. and post new content.

These are the most common and must do things but you can have your own stuff you would like to do as well like installing a cache plugin, creating privacy policy and contact pages, running an SEO campaign etc. and don’t stop from here, you need a lot more things done in order to make your blog success.

Let us know what’s your list of first things to do after making a new wordpress blog.

Happy blogging guys!

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