Having a website that echoes out your brand is usually one of the steps required for any successful business. However, if you don’t have the knowledge, skills and resources to develop your own site then you will have to outsource the whole job to the experts. The trick comes when you have to choose your web design company because a quick search on Google for web design will give you more than 1.2 million results. Therefore sieving through this list can be daunting since you don’t know where to start from. Here are 5 essential things that you should consider before giving out the job to a specific web design company;

Branding: The company’s portfolio

Can I see your portfolio? This should always be the first question to ask any web design company. Any great company will definitely have a portfolio of sites that they are willing to showcase. You should also ask what considerations were put in place when designing the site and the specific functionalities that the customer needed in their site. By doing so, you can be able to judge whether they did a good job at replicating the customer’s brand into the site.

Design details

The next thing you should concentrate on is the design capability of the company. Most sites have to be responsive in nature in order to attract more users. You should therefore know exactly what features the web design company can use in the design of your site. Don’t worry with the tonnes of hard words that can be thrown around, the good thing nowadays is that you can simply make quick research on the internet in order to judge whether those features will be helpful to your site.

Technical competency

Well by now you should know whether that company can indeed handle your brand online and whether their design patterns are consistent with emerging technologies. In technical competency you should be willing to ask what technologies the company are used to in developing their sites and their ease of use or modification. You should also ask about their support and what exactly they are willing to offer whenever anything goes wrong. It is always advisable to have a backend created as well that can give more functionality in editing the site on your own rather than having to stare at code (especially if you don’t have any knowledge).

Website ownership

It is also good to know the legal issues behind ownership of the website. Generally the copyright is held under the designer of the website but most companies will usually pass this off to their clients as part of the contract.


Once you have been able to settle all the design, technical and legal aspects of the site, the last crucial component is the cost. There are a lot of hidden costs when it comes to web design and especially during maintenance. You should therefore ask about the cost of development as well as subsequent modifications and support (and whether the latter comes with the original package).

If all of the above responses are satisfactory to you, then you should be in a position to make a good choice on the web designers you want to pick.

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