As you may already aware, there are two type of hosting offered by hosting providers. windows hosting and Linux hosting, with sub categories like VPS, dedicated, shared etc… Linux is the most used operating system in 90% of the servers used for hosting websites. the reason is its flexibility, affordability and being compatible with PHP and MySQL. PHP is the most used programming language and MySQL is the most common database management system which used for popular CMS (content management system) like WordPress, Zen Cart, phpBB etc. Windows servers are mainly used for hosting websites created with windows specific technologies including ASP, .NET, MS Access, MSSQL and others.

Which type of hosting should you choose ?

it depends on the websites you are hosting and which programming language it uses. as mentioned above, you need to choose according with your website’s database management system and programming language. as an example, for WordPress you need Linux hosting.

Which one is cheaper ?

generally it’s Linux. because Linux is an open source operating system and service providers are not required to pay. on the other hand, windows server operating system is not free and every server has to have a valid license purchased from Microsoft. that cost adds to your hosting bill along with other facilities.

Which is better ?

both are the same in ways of security, reliability and in performance. if you are renting a server for your website, first see which language is your website being created with and select the compatible operating system or servers. good luck!