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Content is king!

Before I get into the Google panda stuff, I wanna ask you something….ever hear the expression “Content is King” before?

I’m willing to bet an In-N-Out double cheeseburger with animal style fries that you have (yes, I am pretty hungry as I write this…)

But do you know what that really means?

Cause I was kind of confused when I first heard this somewhat overused IM axiom.

So what actually qualifies as good content?

Revealing a secret that most people don’t know about? Nope.

Over-delivering like heck?  Nope.

Formatting everything so it’s super organized and really actionable? Nope.

Creating good content, or “killer content” as I like to call it is simply…

Giving Your Visitor Exactly What They Want!

This is the difference between creating stuff that people love reading and will share with their buddies… versus… pouring hours of your time into creating content that quietly sits there while tumbleweeds roll across.

And ultimately, the difference between pulling in loads of cash versus wasting your time… to put it bluntly.

Before I get into easiest way to read your audience’s mind and give them what they want, I want to share a quick example of why good content is absolutely crucial for any internet marketer nowadays.

So a few years back, you could have a site filled with informational articles on health insurance that you bought from an article writing service and rank on the first page of Google. Just add adsense and you’d make a killing (the insurance niche has a very high Adsense payout).

But Google got smarter.

They know (as you and I know) that if someone is searching for the term “health insurance”, they couldn’t CARE LESS about reading a 500 world article on the benefits of health insurance.

They want to BUY health insurance online. Or at least review different plans before making a decision.

So now, in order to rank for a term like “health insurance” you need to be an actual service provider, or can direct people to one, because that’s what visitors want. Not a B.S. 500 word article. I’m sure you’ve felt the frustration of really wanting to find something online, but only landing on crap websites.

Yes, Google’s AI human-learning thingamajig is smart enough to know when you’re giving good content and crap content (one indicator of this is your website’s bounce rate, but there are many others).

And by the way, Google is not done. It’s constantly changing. There were actually several Google Panda updates in 2018 and there will be more in 2019.

Panda Updates Can Literally Ruin Your Online Business Overnight!

So how do we safeguard against this?

Simple: Give visitors what they want aka provide killer content.

Remember that marketing is simply giving people exactly what they want.

So let’s talk about a cool little tactic you can use to find out what your website visitors truly want.

No, it’s not surveying them, although that works too.

It’s actually pretty ninja. I call it, “reading your visitor’s mind”

Here’s the tactic:

You’re going to create a contact form, disguised as a search engine box. So when your visitors type in a question they want answers to, you’ll receive that exact query as an email. Review these emails an you’ll know exactly what type of content to create!

This is golden if you don’t know much about your niche.

One of my websites is in the pregnancy niche. Believe it or not, I’m not an expectant mother and don’t know much about pregnancy.

…despite what you may think after seeing my post-holiday dinner belly…

So in order to find out what expectant mothers wanted to know concerning their HCG levels during pregnancy, I set up this little form:

That’s just a picture with a simple contact form underneath. I use the plugin, Contact Form 7.

I let this run for about a week. And received hundreds of emails with what people were typing in. Not surprisingly, most people were asking the same questions. And I knew I needed to give the answers to these questions somewhere on my site… to give my visitors exactly what they’re looking for, but also to prove to Google that I deserve the top ranking for the keyword (currently 6th, but just wait a few weeks).

Whatever I create will be considered “great content” because it’s exactly what the visitors are looking for!

Do not make the mistake of merely guessing your audience wants.

Use this or some other research method to find out for sure. And no your picture doesn’t have to be as corny as mine

Try this out and let me know how it works!

PS- what kind of sorry excuse for a marketer would I be if I didn’t ask you guys what type of stuff you want me to write about!

Leave a reply in the comments below and let me know things you’re struggling with, topics you want to know more about, or anything you want to see on this blog.

If you know what a backlink is, you probably know about the mean ol’ Panda that’s been poking its head out every so often and burying unfortunate websites deep down underground.

This is the traffic stats for one of my sites around the very FIRST Google Panda update (then known as the “Farmer” update):

This was my reaction:

Another one has bitten the dust…

Since late February, there have been a lot of chatter on the web about how to Panda proof your site… create better content, remove duplicate content, diversify your backlinks, use social media, yada yada yada.

And the reasoning all make sense… but it’s still all speculation.

I mean, think about it- no one can predict Google’s next move.

But there’s one simple way to shield your website from Panda that doesn’t get talked about a lot…

Get Other Sources of Traffic Besides Search Engine Traffic!

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket…

Sounds like common sense right?

A lot of passive-income enthusiasts (myself included) get sooooo focused on organic search traffic that we forget about other ways to attract visitors to our site.

Rankings and number of backlinks mean nothing by themselves.

We only care about how many targeted visitors we can drive to our site.

And course, free traffic is the best.

Here’s what it’s all about:

#1 The High Octane Viral Youtube Copycat Method (15 minutes)

(LOL… just wanted to see how cool I could make this sound…)

I got the idea for this from my buddy David. He told me about this cool way to get traffic with Youtube. I tweaked this a little bit and saw great results.

My traffic shot up from less than 20 unique visitors per day to just under 900 unique visitors per day

(By the way I’m using Clicky analytics…. Much better than Google Analytics to track your traffic stats)

So here’s a domain I bought on November 5th

I threw up a couple of unique articles and saw 5-20 visitors a day on average for 2 weeks.

I left it alone until November 18th, when I decided to test out David’s little traffic trick. It took me a total of 15 minutes and EXPLODED my traffic. It took 2 days before I remembered that I can actually make money from this traffic with ads (I’m a bit slow sometimes…).

So I added my Adsense code and viola…

(I know its kinda tacky to be posting earnings and everything… I just want you to understand how powerful this is)

So it made $40 in 10 days. That’s on track for over $100 a month!

If I were to list this site on Flippa, I could sell it for $800-$1200!

Remember, this is site is only 2 weeks old!

So here’s the what you do to get his type of traffic in 15 minutes:

Step 1. Go Youtube and find a video related to your keyword. The more interesting and viral, the better. If you can’t find one, create one with Animoto. Animoto is a piece of cake.

Step 2. Using a video editor, split the video right before the most interesting part. Upload the first part to YouTube, give it a super attention-grabbing title that viewers cannot resist clicking on… and add (part 1 of 2) at the end.

If your copywriting skills aren’t up to par, don’t worry. Study some National Enquirer headlines(which happens to be the most read subscription in the WORLD for a reason).

Step 3. In your video description, link to your website and have a call to action: “http://www.mydomain.com/page.html < Click here to see part 2″

Step 4. On your website, embed part 2 of the video. And if you want to take a step further:

Below the video on your website, add a free offer (lead magnet) that visitors might be interested in and lock it with a tool called “Like Locker Pro“. That way, visitors have to “like” your page (which shares it in their FB newsfeed) in order to get their free stuff. Like This Post To Download Like Locker Pro!

(There’s a free tool that does something similar by Glen Allsopp of Viper Chill . I can’t think of the name right now, but when it comes, I’ll post it)

So that gave another bump in traffic because I was getting referrals from Facebook too.

Step 5. Ready for the sneaky part?

Social bookmark your Youtube video on Digg and use Microworkers to get ~90 Diggs to the video (dirt cheap to do). Again, use good copywriting when creating your bookmark. And feel free to do the same with other SB sites like Reddit.

Next, use a service called Vagex to increase your original video’s view count. You get 50 views for free and afterwards it’s like a dollar for 1000 views. I only used 1050.

Your Youtube video will get quickly ranked which in turn drove a ton of traffic to your money site.

The key to making this work beautifully is a really enticing video and good copywriting to get people curious. Another great place to get intriguing headline structures is to look at the top news stories at Digg.

#2 *Intelligent* Blog Commenting

You’re probably thinking “Blog commenting, wtf? Aren’t those just spammy backlinks?”

Yes, if you’re dropping your anchor text in the name field and posting nonsense like “I really enjoyed reading this post! Great job! Yay!”

But if you do it the RIGHT way (white hat), you can and get some nice traffic from a targeted audience.

Here’s the stats for one of my micro niche sites for the last 14 days:

Of the 419 people that came to my site via link, 408 were from a single blog comment link from a related blog in my niche!

Remember that this is a micro niche site, meaning that I’m supposed to get the majority of my traffic through the exact match long-tail search phrase (I’m even ranked in the top 5!).


I only got 41 visits from that keyword in 14 days…

That single blog comment-which took 30 seconds- yielded 900% better results than 3 weeks of manual article submissions, forum comments, press releases, backlink packages, and other tedious SEO methods.

So now you’re probably wondering how do you get these blog comment backlinks to…

1. stick and

2. send you actual visitors?

It’s easy as ABC.

First things first, search for the top blogs in your niche. Here’s a tool to help ya out!

Use a NAME in the name field, not your anchor text. And in your reply, link to your website with a naked link. A naked link is just your url, straight up. (http://www.yoursite.com)

Your comment should relate your site to the blog post. It helps if you read the post and get an idea of what it’s about. Here’s 2 templates that will get high approval rates

“Hey, thanks for the info… I was reading on http://www.yoursitehere.com and saw that [relevant piece of info]… what do you think about that?”

“@(another commenter’s name): [make a comment about their post, referring back to your site]

So if someone named Nick commented before you and asked a question, your reply should be, “@Nick, I was wondering the same thing. http://www. says that blah blah blah…”

Sneeeeeeaky stuff eh?

That’s about it for today… hope you learned something!

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