The more PPC advertising with Google Ads (Formally known as Adwords) I am doing, the more I notice mistakes that other advertisers are making. It always reminds me to work very detailed and to spend plenty of time creating my ad groups and to pick the right keywords and the keyword match style for my campaigns. I spend quite a few hours this afternoon/evening to build a landing page for a campaign and build keywords lists. While doing keyword research I found the following. Take a look at the screenshot below (click image to see a bigger version).

My search term was “repair my lips” as you can see (marked in color up above). I marked two Google Ads ads on the right side. I was searching for lip balm related products, but these two results really sticked out and I could not avoid a smile. The first marked ad is for a Watch Repair service. Not really a good match. The second ad I noticed is Roadside assistance. Again, not a very good match. Not only does it deliver a “bad” experience for me as the person doing the search, it also delivers a bad advertising experience for these folks who are promoting their products. Most-likely they will not get a single click or if they get clicks, they will not be targeted at all. It’s very unlikely that the roadside assistance service will deliver lip balm to a “stranded motorist” who is suffering from dry lips.

There are two things to learn from this (if you are doing pay per click advertising). First thing is to review your keywords and make sure that they are as targeted as possible. Here I assume that both advertisers use the term “repair” as a single term in their keyword lists. The next thing is to pick between the 3 different match types Google Ads offers. As an advertiser you can choose “Broad Match”, “Phrase Match”, and “Exact Match”. Each match type offers different advantages and disadvantages that need to be looked at. By picking the right choice the advertiser will be able to keep the advertising cost under control and eventually make a profit from his/her ads.

The 2 advertisers will suffer from low CTRs in the end as each impression counts against the clicks and Google will force them to pay higher prices and list their ads at lower ranks. Soon these search terms will become very expensive and therefore useless for these advertisers. It’s just a matter of time and how Google treats advertisers that don’t spend enough time to develop good campaigns.