In Jan 2018 sent a vaguely drafted to its publishers stating that payments will be stopped unless publishers are ‘approved’.

This in effect means that there will be no payments accruing to you if you are using their

  1. APIs to show job listings
  2. Job search box
  3. Any other link/widget that is not ‘approved’ (Is Indeed planning to approve link to every job listing for every publisher?)

Furthermore, the Dear John email intimates that new terms and conditions can be found at Here is the screenshot of email for your perusal –

Does it surprise anyone that there are no new T&C on the mentioned URL till 5th April, 2017 11.30 PM GMT.

Upon further contact Indeed says –

All revenue generation opportunities from the Search Affiliate model will be discontinued. Please note that you may continue to use any tools that you are currently using, however as of 4/1/17 revenue will no longer be generated unless you become an approved Publisher.

And of course, as of now there is no path to becoming ‘approved’. My guess is there will not be any in the future either.

What does all this mean for you?

These developments, in effect, imply that Indeed publisher affiliate program is closed.

Indeed representatives want to make the general public believe otherwise, but publishers have already realized the truth.

Here are the takeaways –

  1. Indeed publisher program for affiliates is OVER
  2. Indeed has grown to the extent that it doesn’t need support ecosystem any more
  3. Showing Indeed job listings will show your website in a bad light. Only losers who are not paid will continuing displaying Indeed listings. (Yes, there are those ‘approved’ fellas, my guess is they are already big and famous. Nobody will mistake those big names with your website.)
  4. Remove all Indeed job listings from your website. Save bandwidth and perceived image of your website.

General Business Lessons

A few content publishers would be hit hard, others not so much. But as a community let’s reiterate what is essential to survive in online content creation business –

  1. Never rely on a single entity for either production or consumption
  2. When choosing a partner never go with big ones. These are the banyan trees, nothing else grows in their vicinity. Indeed is a case in point. They are so big now that they don’t require anyone else.
  3. When choosing a partner never totally rely on the newbies either. Of course, working with startups fetches maximum revenue but never make them largest contributor to your revenue stream
  4. Don’t over invest in temporal content – i.e. content that remains relevant for a brief period. Job postings & news are prime examples. Though temporal content is lucrative because the payouts are immediate, it also raises the business risk. An article on how to grow potatoes on roof top, may fetch you better returns over a longer period than “Domestic Help Jobs posted today”.

After Indeed, what ahead?

If you are a job board solely depending on Indeed, I guess time to shut shop. Businesses fail all the time and there is absoutely nothing there to be taken personally. You may try ZipRecruiter or Beyond, but these will require changes to your website. But then again, there are no guarantees that they will not go Indeed’s way.

If Indeed was just one part of your content-boost system, you will reap the rewards. Scrap Indeed and replace it with one (no, no all) of these –

  1. Juju
  2. SnagAJob
  3. Beyond
  4. Monster
  5. ZipRecruiter (Found this email id floating around – [email protected])

(P.S. None of the links used here are affiliate or for the purposes of monetary gains.)

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