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If you came to this page by searching anything related to traffic bots, then may already know what a traffic bot is. for those who do not know, a traffic bot is a program which can generate fake traffic to a specific web site or a page. simply a user simulator. these program will automatically visit the given website and can program to do things like clicking a specific inner link, a random inner link or just hang around scrolling and moving the cursor imitating human like behavior.

Why do you need fake visitors ?

This could be any reason. could be to fake your sites popularity, to get ad revenue, or show fake stats when flipping websites. and this practice is very common among traffic sellers. 99.99% of the time the traffic sold by traffic sellers in fiverr.com , seocleark etc is bot traffic.

ok, now you know what this bots do, and you might be wondering how to do this by yourself. for any reason you want to run your own traffic bot, first thing is you need a traffic bot. da!

I am not going to review traffic bots here, so go ahead and research on your own and come back here to learn how to run this in a VPS.

How to run this program ?

most of these program made to run on windows environments. you can have these installed in your local PC but that would not be practical for running 24/7. also these bots need a faster internet connection to run multiple threads. about 100Mbps or so. this is where windows VPS come in. a windows VPS is basically a windows computer running in a data-center and maintained and serviced by the hosting provider. there will be no additional bills for Internet service, you just pay a monthly fee for renting this computer.

a good source is chicago vps. read our chicagoVPS review here

after purchasing you will be given login info. an IP and username/password. use your windows PCs ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ program to log in to your VPS.

you can find this program by searching or under ”Windows Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection’

after logging in install your traffic bot and let it running. follow the guide provided by software developer regarding options in the application. now you will have to check like once a day to see if the program working correctly. in my own experience some programs crash when running in high thread counts. you can run maximum of 50 threads in 2GB Ram and 100 in 4GB Ram. if you can go for a dedicated server you can run 250 thread at once with 8GB ram. this numbers can be different slightly with each application but as in general, this is the limit.

hope this information if useful. and good luck with your bots.

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