Going through our Start A Blog guide step by step, here i will guide you through the proper installation of a WordPress theme IE how to install WordPress theme in a proper way. As you might already come to know that, you can choose your favorite theme from thousands of theme available for WordPress.

But here we will discuss the accurate methods of installing as well as deleting the WordPress themes.

Okay ! So here are the most common methods :

1 Browse > Download and Install WordPress Theme. (Themes available at WordPress repository)

2 Upload and Install WordPress Theme. (Themes from third-party sources)

3 FTP (Using software like FileZilla)

Lets walk through all the methods one by one.

Different methods of installing a WordPress theme [Step By Step].

Search and Install Themes From Dashboard :

This is the easiest method to install a free WordPress theme. However, you can only browse the themes available at the Official WordPress Theme repo.

  • Login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  • Go to appearance > Themes.
  • On the top left side, click on > Add New

Now browse through the themes and find the theme that suits your needs. After you find the one for you,

  • click > Install.

After the installation is completed,

  • click > Activate.

Now give yourself a high5. You did it.

You can also preview your theme before activating it but sometimes it does does not not work properly. You can use plugins like Theme Test Drive Plugin to test your theme before going live.

(Themes downloaded From Third-Party Environment)

Upload and Install :

There are plenty of free themes available at the Official WordPress Theme Repo but what to do when you didn’t find your perfect theme there. Don’t worry you are not alone. Most of the bloggers opt to premium WordPress themes from third party sites.

You can also find free themes on other sites but is always recommended to use the themes from Official WordPress Theme Repo when it comes to free themes. Coming to the point, let me tell you the process of installing a WordPress theme downloaded from a third-party site.

  • Download the theme in zip format from the site.
  • Login to your Admin Area
  • Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New
  • Click on Upload Theme
  • Locate the zip file on your computer and click upload.
  • Click on Preview if you want to preview your site otherwise click on Activate.

Install WordPress Theme Using FTP :

Their are certain situations when you are not able to install your theme through WordPress dashboard due to some server-security reasons. Maybe uploading your theme from the dashboard showing some error. In that case FTP method comes into play. You need a FTP software like FileZilla to access your site through FTP. Here is the procedure :

  • Unzip the downloaded theme zip file using software like WinRAR.
  • Login to your FTP manager
  • Locate to wp-content/Themes and upload the unzipped file.

All done ! Now you can preview your theme or activate it from your WordPress dashboard.

  • Dashboard > Appearance > Themes

This time you will see the theme you have installed through FTP . Simply, activate the theme and enjoy !

Lost Access To Your Dashboard Due To Faulty Theme ?

Sometimes, you  accidently install a theme with broken-codes, and you are not even able to access your dashboard. Yup..it happens. In that case you have to access your site through FTP  to delete the culprit theme and install a new theme.

Uninstall or Permanently Delete the WordPress Themes :

So here you are, a full graduate about installing the WordPress themes. Now I will tell you how to uninstall or permanently delete the themes which are not of your use. This involves some simple steps below :

  • Dashboard > Appearance > Themes
  • Click > Delete to delete any theme.

You can also do this by FTP method :

  • Login to your FTP Manager > Locate to wp-content/Themes
  • Delete the theme.

Never delete your current theme in use as your site may go down. Off course, you can settle it later but it is better to avoid the unnecessary hassle.

If you have still question about installing or deleting themes by any of the methods describe above you can comment in the comment section below.

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