First of all you need to log in to your WHM control panel. to do this most of the time its the ipadress:2086 or 2087. as an example if your IP address is then WHM control panel would be even if this is the most commonly used it might be different in each web hosting service. no need to worry about this because your web hosting service always provide your WHM access URL in your account details.

after logged in click ‘Account Functions’ –> ‘Create a New Account’

you will be presented with a form with several sub categories.

Domain Information

Domain: this is your domain name. without http or www
Username: username for the cpanel account
Password: Password for the cpanel account (use password generator to create a secured password.)
email: email for the cpanel account (can be empty)

you can either choose a package or select options manually for this one.

this is the main setting you need to fill out in order to create a cpanel account. if you dont require custom DNS or don’t need to create a re-seller account or anything you are good to go.

Click Create.

if the cpanel account creation is successful you will see the new account detaisl in the next page. copy this to a notepad or print out a hard copy. but if you have WHM access which you obviously do if you were able to create a new cpanel account, you can always reset any settings including the password.

I hope this information helps.

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