Entrepreneurs are looking ways to save money and mostly use free web hosting, but it might not be the right decision at long run. It is essential you understand the difference between free and paid web hosting before you decide. In the recent years, people have used bloggers to show their expertise, contacted friends and made money online but there is a confusion that bothers many new bloggers, should I use free hosting or do I purchase paid one to have proper blog running? To solve this I prepared a detailed report of the strong points and shortcomings of these two hosting types helping you choose when you can try free hosting and when can try paid option.

Free Web Hosting

This one means you can enjoy hosting service (shared web hosting) to set up hosted blog site without paying. In this you can have your predetermined domain name, have control over it and install plugging and do anything with the webpage and content in it.
Free web hosting is a good option economically because you don’t need to spend any penny for hosting solution. Your domain name might be permitted for free by your web host. But before choosing it, kindly have the limitations listed below:-

• Limited Bandwidth
Allocation of disk space and monthly bandwidth is limited. Chances of growing your blog and expansion are minimal and limited for server resources are limited.

• Poor Server Uptime
The paid hosting may cause down time for you get what you pay, you can’t expect good uptime for paying nothing. In addition your large number of neighborhoods in the server and probability of negative affection due to their full operations and use are very high.

• No Technical Support
You wouldn’t get any expert level technical support during utilization of the free hosting. In case of such issues to get support from free hosting are limited and sometimes you might not get any.

• Hidden Charges
It is a secret fee behind free hosting, it might not payment for hosting service but starts charging hidden fee when you start to use the service such as back up fee for the databases, script set up fee, etc.

• Renewals
Free hosting is free but mostly this service will only last for a year of which you will have to renew your account of which it might be very expensive with a very high rate.

Paid web hosting all the benefits as compared to the free web hosting and one is guaranteed good features like speed for loading page, uptime track, better technical support and many more in comparison to free web hosting but in terms of cost effectiveness paid web hosting can’t be compared with free web hosting.

On doing further research on the reliable hosting reviews we realized price of blog hosting on market is $6-10$/mo which is very expensive and might be big budget for some people.

We might also have the web hosts which offers full managed web hosting which will charge customers $21/mo of which paying such a blog cost is not cost effective.
Most paid hosting will come with features like:-

• You will get different packages regarding disk space, SQL or mysql server databases.
• A lot of websites or databases are allowed and extra add-ons such as database backup, domain privacy, SSL certificate and dedicated IPs.
• Multiple domains and sites are allowed running under one cpanel.
• Some hosting companies offer discounted price when you are willing to buy hosting for more than a year, which is a big advantage of buying paid web hosting.

You need to know these key points when choosing a web hosting to run your blog or website. Changing the web hosting provider later when your blog is popular may cause your online reputation also.

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