WordPress is known for its flexibility and functionality. You can further increase its functionality by using various plugins. Well that’s the beauty of WordPress.

You can find plugin for everything you imagine. You can enhance your SEO by using plugins. Moreover you can add security, add custom pages, add contact forms and everything you want – with the help of plugins.

There are mainly three methods of installing WordPress plugins.

Here I will tell you the proper ways of installing or permanently deleting  a plugin. There are many methods out there and we will go through them one by one.

Different Ways Of Installing WordPress Plugins : A step by step guide for WordPress beginners.

Method 1 : Search And Install From Dashboard

This is the most common and easy method of installing plugins. You can find more than 3000+ plugins available on the Official WordPress directory. So here is the procedure, step by step :

  • Login to your WordPress Admin Area (Dashboard)
  • Go to Plugins > Add New
  • Search for your plugin
  • When you find the desired plugin, Click Install
  • After the installation is complete click > Activate.
  • Now head over to the plugin setting page and do the necessary settings.

NOTE : Most of the newbie bloggers activate the plugins but don’t do the necessary configuration. To take the full advantage of the plugin features one should do proper configuration according to the site.

Method 2 : Upload and Install From Third-Party Sites

There are some plugins which are not available at WordPress.org but can be downloaded from third-party sites. These are mostly premium plugins and comes in a zip format. In that case follow the procedure given below :

  • Dashboard > Plugins > Add New
  • Click on  Upload Plugin
  • Now locate the downloaded zip file on your computer and upload the plugin folder.
  • After successful installation of plugin click Activate
  • Now go to the setting page for settings.

Note : WordPress only accepts Zip format of WordPress Plugins & Themes.

Method 3 : Install Through FTP Method

There are certain moments when you are not able to install a plugin through your WordPress dashboard. In that case FTP method is very useful. You must have a FTP software like FileZilla to access you site through FTP. Here is the whole procedure step by step :

  • Unzip the downloaded plugin zip file using software like WinRAR.
  • Login to your FTP Manager.
  • Locate to wp-content/Plugins and upload the unzipped file there directly.
  • Now go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins
  • You will see the plugin uploaded by FTP method.
  • Click Activate.

Deactivating and Deleting A WordPress Plugin :

There are thousands of free and paid plugins available out there. Anyone can get crazy and end-up in installing loads of unnecessary plugins. So its very important that you should know how to uninstall and permanently delete plugins you don’t need anymore.

Some newbie bloggers simply deactivate the plugins and move on. This is not a smart step. If you find a plugin worthless and unnecessary to you, its always better to delete it permanently.

The main reason behind this is – some plugins can still interfere in your site functioning even if it is deactivated. So its better to get rid from them .

Go through the following steps :

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins
  • Click Deactivate > Delete

You can also delete WordPress plugins by FTP method.

  • Login to your FTP Manager
  • Locate wp-content/Plugins and delete the plugin directly.

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If you still faces any problem in installing wordpress plugins or deleting them, we would love to help you out !

Do let us know in the comment section below.

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