Are you running not so legal kinda websites ? like warez and such ? then you might be wondering why use offshore hosting, can we just use regular hosting and hide the real IP using cloudflare or any other IP masking service ?

the simple answer is a big NO. you are still doing something wrong and even when hiding behind cloudflare, you can be traced back.

How you may ask?

so assume you are hosting unauthorized content on your website and using cloudflare to hind your real location of the server. when the real owners or legal athorities wants to take your content, they simply use couldflare’s Abuse form.

You didn’t think of this did you ? it’s alright, now you know at lease before getting in to trouble.

if your website contains unauthorized content and the real owners or authorities wants to take them down, first thing they would do is complain to cloudflare using above form. then floudflare will forward this abuse report to your websites real hosting providers so they will have to comply if there are in under the law of US. most of the time they will ask you to take an action and after taking the content, page or whole website down (depends on the situation) the problem will go away. but if the authorities or real owners of the content wants more than that they will take a court order and your hosting company will have to reveal your identity and you will face court time. but this is very rare but can happen if you host or running very illegal websites which do more than hosting warez.

so simple advice is don’t use cloudflare for your not so legal websites.

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