What is better, a blog or a simple website? This is a common question, and the answer depends on your specific needs for the site. It is important to know which format will best serve your needs.

A blog is essentially a simple website. The host site such as Blogger or Tumbler will provide templates, which you can manipulate for your purposes. Pictures, video, text, and other elements can be added. Little knowledge about graphic design or computer coding is needed, since these are already worked into the template. Blogs can earn you money. This is done by opening the blog up to advertising. These ads are provided by Google or other vendors, and you choose the location, frequency, size, and other elements of them. Whenever someone clicks on an ad, you earn a small commission. Blogs are usually used by people for personal reasons, since it takes a lot of work to make them profitable.

There are some things a blog cannot do, and this is where the simple website might become more of an option. There is only so much control you have over the template. If you have a very specific idea about how your site should look, a blog might be too restrictive for you. There is also the matter of the web address. If you want a specific, clear-cut address, a simple web site will work better. Blogs will have the host site as part of the web address. For example: yourblog.blogspot.com has the Blogger tag in the web address. This is not in itself a huge problem, but some people may see it as unprofessional if you are looking for a professional website.

If you are looking to set up a merchant site that sells a product, a simple website will be better than a blog. Blogs can be integrated with Amazon to sell products, but you cannot use them to sell your own merchandise. For this you will need a website.

Also consider what you are willing to pay for this site. Blogs are free. There is no monthly or start up fee at all. A website will usually have a monthly fee. You may also have to pay for your web address. Even simple websites will require you to know some code, such as Java. If you do not have this knowledge, then you may have to pay for a website designer. There are simple website templates that can help with this, but again, it depends on how specific of an idea you have about the look of your site. If you have a very clear vision for the design, this will not be achieved by following a set template.

Having a blog or simple website depends on your goals, intentions, and visions for your site. It also depends on how much your are willing to pay for it. Blogs are free and easy to use, but you do not have as much control. Websites are a little more complex, but they give you more freedom.

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