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Getting Better Results from Google


We’ve all used Google to look for things. Maybe you were looking for the perfect recipe or maybe you needed to find a place to buy a pet toy, regardless of what you were looking for you probably got tons of results to your search. You may have wondered how to limit your results to sites that matched your needs even more. I’ve compiled a short list of ways to get better results from Google.

Basic Search

Example SearchGets Pages that containing…
dog parkthe words dog and park, not necessarily together
dog park or playgroundhave dog parks or dog playgrounds
“One small step for a man”the exact phrase “One small step for a man”
tile -ceramicthe word “tile” but does not have the word “ceramic”
web-siteall forms of the term, with or without hyphen or spaces
define: dichotomydefinitions of “dichotomy” from the web


Refining Search

Example SearchGets pages that…
tax site: whitehouse.govcontain the word tax from whitehouse.gov only
New Yorker Sushi  2000…2005have articles from the New Yorker talking about sushi between the years 2000-2005
budget plan filetype:pdfhave a budget plan in pdf format
link: www.whitehouse.govcontain a link to www.whitehouse.gov
weather Cedar City UTshows the weather at the specified location (zip code can be used instead of city, state)


Restricting by keyword location in result

Example SearchResults
allinanchor: Dog Trainingfinds pages where an outgoing link reads “Dog Training”
shopping inanchor: covered-parkingfinds pages where an outgoing link says something about shopping and covered-shopping
allintext: recipe beef garlicfinds pages that contain all the words recipe, beef and garlic
intitle: easy recipefinds pages with a title that contains the words easy and recipe


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