Are you looking for a VPS hosting provider that provides some of the most affordable pricing available on the market? How about a VPS hosting provider who has proven to be financially strong?

Look no further, 1&1 VPS Hosting does provide your solution to the two previous questions. With over sixty thousand servers spread across 5 data center locations, 1&1 VPS hosting provides hosting for millions of websites that are serving a large variety of locations all around the world.

1&1 VPS hosting has different configurations in order to assure that they can meet the demand of just about everyone. You can get a VPS with as much as 2 TB of monthly bandwidth, 515 MB Ram, and 50 GB of hard drive space.

As you can see, 1&1 VPS Hosting has something that is bound to suit your VPS hosting needs.

What Sets 1and1’s VPS apart?

  • In most cases, an SSL certificate is included with a 1&1 VPS hosting plan.
  • All 1&1 VPS hosting plans come with an IP address that is only used by you.
  • 1&1 VPS hosting plans provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of the power of MySQL databases with an unlimited number of MySQL databases allowed.
  • Receive support around the clock with 1&1 VPS hosting via phone or e-mail.
  • Receive a free software bundle when you sign up for 1&1 VPS hosting.
  • No need to worry about wasting money on inadequate VPS hosting, 1&1 VPS hosting is backed by a 90 day money back guarantee.

Essential Features of 1and1 VPS

  • Experience 1&1 webmail which gives you 2 GB of space and a secure spam filter.
  • When you need a lot of e-mail addresses, a limit of 2000 e-mails is what you can expect.
  • Experience the benefits of being able to manage your own DNS.
  • 1&1 VPS hosting harnesses the powers of Linux with CentOS.
  • Root access: Don’t get your access restricted when you need full access.
  • The control panels available with 1&1 VPS hosting are Virtuozzo and Parallel’s Plesk.
  • Don’t be limited to how many sub-domains you can have, with 1&1 have as many as you want!

Cool Facts About 1and1

  • Control Panel Choices – 1&1 dedicated server hosting has developed its own unique control panel while also providing the opportunity to use the ever so popular Parallel’s Plesk.
  • Security – The data center that’s used for 1&1 VPS hosting has steel-reinforced walls. On top of that, 1&1 has over one hundred cameras which provide video surveillance for the data center around the clock. If you thought that’s all that completes 1&1 VPS hosting security, you’re wrong. There are many more security features that have been implemented in order to make VPS hosting with 1&1 the most secure type of VPS hosting that you can find in the industry.
  • Data Center Information – 1&1 VPS hosting is powered by their data center located in Kansas City. This data center is over 50,000 square feet and includes 5 rooms for servers.
  • Continuous Power – From the multiple high end cooling units to the miles of heavy duty cable that’s ran, 1&1 VPS hosting provides a continuous and high quality of power every single day, 365 days per year.

Who Should Use VPS Hosting?

  • Anyone that needs to store data for convenience or as a backup plan.
  • Those who provide software applications.
  • Anyone who participates in a gaming community.
  • Applications that need to be launched via the Internet.
  • Someone who needs to move up from shared web hosting.
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1&1 dedicated server hosting is most definitely one of the leading providers for hosting solutions. If you’re looking to do business with a dedicated server provider that has proven itself to be successful in the industry, who has maintained a rather large client base, and has shown that it is a company which profits easily, 1&1 dedicated server hosting is definitely a company that fits all of those factors.

1&1 has over sixty thousand dedicated servers spread out over five different datacenter locations. 1&1 has definitely proven themselves in the web hosting industry considering that they have registered over ten million domains for over eight million web hosting clients.

Benefits of 1and1 Hosting

  • When you sign up for 1&1 dedicated server hosting, you receive four hundred bucks worth of PPC marketing vouchers.
    These vouchers come from leaders in the PPC industry such as Microsoft AdCenter, Yahoo! Search Engine Marketing, and the priceless Google AdWords.
  • Green Backed: 1&1 dedicated server hosting buys renewable energy certificates in order to offset the carbon emissions and energy used in their datacenters.
    Caring about the earth is important in today’s world and 1&1 dedicated server hosting has taken the right step to show that they truly care about the planet they do business on.
  • A 100 MBPS connection ensures that anyone who purchases a dedicated server from 1&1 dedicated server hosting has the speed that they need for a small site or massive site.
  • The 1&1 Recovery Tool is another addition to 1&1 dedicated server hosting that helps assure your data is constantly protected.
  • The console access provided by 1&1 dedicated server hosting allows you to tinker with your server as if you were sitting right in front of it.
  • 1&1 dedicated server hosting comes with a great software bundle that includes Ulead Gif Animator, Ranking Toolbox 2.0, Wise FTP, Adobe GoLiveCS2, and Adobe Elements.

Main Features of 1and1 Dedicated Hosting

  • Affordable dedicated server prices for less than $50 per month.
  • Get backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee to ensure you’re online when you need to be.
  • The operating system is your choice.The varieties of available operating systems range from 1&1’s control panel for websites, Linux, all the way up to Windows.
  • SSL Certificate from a trusted SSL Certificate provider (GEOTrust).
  • Root access: Don’t get your access restricted when you need full access.
  • Support around the clock via e-mail or telephone.
  • One free domain.
  • Top notch hardware with affordable pricing.
  • RAID data protection at no cost to you!
  • Up to 500GB of backup space.

More About 1and1 Dedicated Servers

  • Control Panel Choices – 1&1 dedicated server hosting has developed its own unique control panel while also providing the opportunity to use the ever so popular Parallel’s Plesk.
  • Network Connectivity – 1&1 dedicated server hosting has one of the largest connections known on the Internet as we know it. With their own backbone and nine other carriers, they are powering a massive amount of websites globally.
  • Security – 1&1 dedicated servers are kept in close contact with experience specialists around the clock. With an extensive security plan implemented through their datacenters which includes video monitoring and much more ensures that only authorized personnel are allowed near any of the servers associated with 1&1 dedicated server hosting.
  • Data Center Information – 1&1 is spread across the globe with five datacenter locations which house over sixty thousand dedicated servers.Every dedicated server is automatically monitored via a support system that provides any information that’s needed in order to quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise from a dedicated server. This includes every aspect that plays a part when it comes to uptime and every issue is responded to by an on-site network technician.
  • Effective Power Strategy Implementation – In a data center, a reliable power strategy will greatly have an effect on uptime. With dual routers, backup generators, cooling systems, and gel battery power, 1&1 dedicated server hosting assures that the power strategy is the most effective in order to provide their dedicated server hosting clients with the redundancy that they should truly have.
  • Quality Customer Service – Aside from their support available by telephone and e-mail, they also have a massive knowledge base packed with commonly asked questions.
  • Hardware replacement – When hardware fails, 1&1 dedicated server hosting is backed with a hardware replacement guarantee.
  • Firewalls – There is a wide variety of firewalls that can be used with 1&1 dedicated server hosting which all can be configured to suit each client’s needs.

Who Should Buy Dedicated Hosting?

  • Gaming websites and clans.
  • Small to medium businesses.
  • Websites with massive amounts of traffic.
1and1 Dedicated Server Hosting Review
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Web Hosting Pad started in 2005 with a goal to provide the best web hosting value in the industry.

Web Hosting Pad not only provides affordable pricing, they also provide an unlimited amount of data transfer and an unlimited amount of disk space.

Web Hosting Pad also offers a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

When the features, pricing, and guarantees are taken into consideration, there really isn’t anything negative to bring up about Web Hosting Pad.

New accounts get the added bonus of:

  • $30 Google Adwords credit
  • $25 Yahoo Search Marketing credit
  • Free Domain Name Forever
  • Free Site Promotion
  • Free e-Commerce Shopping Cart/Scripts
  • Free SiteBuilder with Templates
  • 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee
  • Professional Courteous Support

Is WebHostingPad Good Value?

Web Hosting Pad offers as much disk space and bandwidth you could possibly need for less than $3 per month.

After all, that’s just a drop in the bucket and it is definitely a lot more than what almost all other web hosting providers are willing to provide to those interested in web hosting.

Web Hosting Pad offers many priceless features such as a website builder that will only help you out when it comes to developing a great internet presence.

Everything is backed with a thirty day money back guarantee just to give you the assurance that you need.

WebHostingPad Reliability

Web Hosting Pad uses modern technology to its fullest in order to make sure that they are providing their customers with very reliable web hosting solutions

In order to keep the faith in their reliability, Web Hosting Pad offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Control Panel

Web Hosting Pad goes with a tried and true control panel to provide their customers with the best management experience possible.

This control panel is cPanel, which provides you with a strategically organized interface and the management tools that you need to keep up with the growth of your website(s).

When you use cPanel, you’re getting the best treatment around!

The control panel comes equipped with features such as:

  • Site statistics
  • Search engine submission
  • Script implementation
  • Forums
  • Database administration
  • Quick access to manage all email accounts.
  • Makes it a breeze to manage files and the domain itself.

The Bottom Line About WebHostingPad

With that said, we are disappointed to see that WebHostingPad provided several customers with a bad enough experience to rate them 1/5 stars in their reviews on this site. We do not recommend WebHostingPad. For a highly rated host, see iPage or Fat Cow hosting reviews.

Web Hosting Pad Review
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You might be looking for tips and how can you optimize your blog for the search engines friendliness. In this article we are going to present some of the most practical tips that would be helpful for you in a long run.

· Unique interesting and original content

If you have observed some of the most popular blogs on the Internet, then you would notice some similarity between them. The best blogs have one thing in common and that is an interesting content. Reason behind the success of most of the blogs is that those bloggers are genuinely interested in the topic on which they write. At the same time, they also have a first rate knowledge about the content that is being written on the blog.

Some of them might not be grammatically correct but because they are written from heart it reaches hearts and gets connected. In the world of internet, sharing plays a very important role in making blogs popular. If you are looking for a specific type of content on the internet and you come across it, you would naturally like to share it. As your friend circle is going to be more or less like you and like minded, the chances are that they too are going to like your content and they are going to share it and forward it further. In this way, content get circulated and promoted naturally.

· Keyword density and placement of keywords

There is lots of buzz about keyboards and their role in Search Engine Optimization. Although this is a debatable issue, yet, practically, we can understand that whenever we need to search for or certain type of content, we refer to a search engine like Google and type certain words in it. These words are called ‘keywords’ and the result displayed by Google do include these words. Therefore, we can understand that keywords do play a role in Search Engine Optimization.

However, the keyword density and other technicalities would make your natural content fake, artificial and inappropriate. Therefore, the advice regarding keyword would be to use the essential keywords in the titles, main headings and if they look natural, then also in the subheadings. You do not have to worry too much about the keyword density; you just need to ensure that you write a content that is suitable and appropriate. The rest would be done by itself.

· Using external authority links

Another important part of Search Engine Optimization is the links associated with your site. There is no concrete evidence about it, yet, many SEO experts do profess using reputed or authority links like Google, Wikipedia, YouTube etc. on their web page. This is believed to enhance the repetition of the page which indirectly helps in it standings and positions in the search engines. Again, there is no concrete evidence for it, yet there is no harm doing it either, provided that they comes naturally in your content.

· Alternate image tag

This is probably the least talked about or ignored technical aspects of Search Engine Optimization. Many people forgets to tag the images of the blog posts. If you go to Google and search in the images section, the images are search from the keywords that you use for them. These keywords are nothing but the alternate image tags, that were put by you in images uploading during a blog post. So do tag all of your images in future and if possible, try to tag the ones that you have missed out as well!

If you are planning to prioritize the tasks related to SEO for upcoming year and plan where your hard earned would be spent best on SEO, it would actually make sense for considering what are the tactics and strategies likely to be effective in coming year—and this is precisely what we will discuss here.

As an initial step, it makes good sense to review the tactics which Google has updated in the guidelines of search Quality Rating. Luckily, the comparison was done by that saved your precious time and streamlined your competence to future-proof the website.

There is no doubt that content is very significant for success in SEO during the year 2019. Also, the most crucial changes, as per SEL, is when Google instructs their human raters for looking beyond reputation of specific website to examine the reputation of content creators.

So, in the year 2019 and even beyond, you need to pay complete attention to whom you would permit to write the guest posts, though even building up own reputation of content creator by offering the guest posts for relevant and reputable sites. Now, below mentioned there are some 3 effective SEO trends.

SEO Trend #1:

Sites which make content to work harder will be advantageous!

You may be really tired of phrase, “content is king,” believe me this is for good reason. It has been for a quite long time, though not with the context today, like various other clichés, it may also feel exposed of the meaning. Hence, hopefully you will be able to forgive us when they suggest that you should never throw the baby out through bathwater: however, toss the clichés though still keeping eye strategically on expanding entire content. The fact is that Google is rewarding the long form of content, as long it is written in ways which benefits the users of the site.

For making this happen, you need to review the service pages and keep them on high priority for importance. After this, working from most important to least important, you will see where you will be able to add informative section of FAQ to expand the value of upon page. You must be wondering that why FAQs? So, the answer is that they are an excellent method to work naturally in keywords that includes those with the commercial intent also including the questions that help you to optimize for the queries of voice search.

Other efficient ways for expanding the service pages includes adding the checklists, particularly those which help the site visitors for solving the problems that are held commonly. It’s even helpful adding the testimonials mentioned by your best customers, even snippets from the case studies with the links for complete studies, and much more. What is more important to understand is that boosting the word count is not actually a magic potion. The Search engines wish to offer the high-quality of the content in results pages which are much useful for the viitors of the site, so ensure that you expand the content in year 2019 and beyond this in such a way that helps to satisfy what are the target audience and what they wish to know.

As long-form of blog posts, you need to consider shift writing, mention, 3-4 to be shorter pieces every month to the in-depth one which provide high potential for the Google visibility. It may also cost you same budget, but this will reward you much more. Or, if you wish to increase the budget of the content, you can either include the posts of long-form along with short ones that you have been writing and creating the multiple posts for long-form on a monthly basis.

It may feel intimidating switching from short form to the long form posts, also there are various ways to collect valuable details. It includes:

  • Talking to the team members that have customer contact for searching their desires, concerns and much more
  • Talking to the cross-section of the customers
  • Taking the Interview of experts in field; that includes people in the company with the ones who are in your social and professional network.
  • Review about what are other bloggers saying on topic and mention what is most engaging; it may include what you would agree with and also what you don’t agree upon.
  • Reading the relevant studies and offering the context in simple and unique way
  • Using the data which is found in Google Analytics to the decipher patterns
  • Conducting the surveys
  • Using the customer reviews and testimonials

Sections in the long-form posts may also incorporate pertinent history and context of the subject, along with the overviews and timelines, FAQs, checklist, survey results and much more. You may also offer the quotes from the experts, with relevant images that are ideally original and also about the how-to videos with some of the additional resources for the readers to explore the predictions for future.

SEO Trend #2 Link Building!

Link building is known to be the natural component of content marketing. In past, you may have also looked outward to check who might have the link inward. Also, though, it is quite important to initially create the linkable content assets, the ones that are above described, and then also market them to the people who possibly find them as most interesting content, also valuable and worth sharing.

The thumb rule for content marketing is that used to be the half of the resources must be also spent developing content with other half which is going towards the marketing of assets. In the year 2019, we believe that this percentage must be weighted in favor of creating strategic content, with ratios such as 70/30, or 80/20.

Now, the question is how will you know that what is the right percentage for you? You also need to analyze how much you have developed the relationships with the relevant influencers to the date. Though that kind of the work is not “done,” when you are pretty far, you might be able to spend about 80 percent of the content marketing and link building time for creating linkable content assets. When you have a long way to go in the development of relationship, then the ratio could be 70/30—or possibly 60/40 till you solidify the relationships.

When you create progressively more numbers of the linkable assets and when you market them well, you will be able to notice that a small percentage of the inbound links will go to home page. Rather, they will also go directly to particular pieces of the content of interest for the readers.

SEO Trend #3:

Consistent and Quality Online Reviews

Back in old days, it may also have felt that you just required facilitating regular supply of the Google Reviews and then you will be good to go. But the fact is, you need to go further. Reason is also simple, as Google becomes much sophisticated; they look for signals of real-world that indicate that customers appreciate the companies, thereby making the gimmicks to be less successful.

This is also definitely great news for White hat SEO agencies and quality companies.

It is believed that Google will reward sites with the reviews to be much diverse than Google and Yelp. Additionally, we also expect that time and again good reviews will even get rewarded—and, for making this happens; companies need to have some good products, effective services, and moreover good people.

The question is, is that all?

Here, answer is no. They are effective SEO trends for the year 2019, but not only have those which are mentioned above, rather other trends included:

  • Enhancing the significance of technical aspects of SEO
  • branded searches that are serving strong ranking factors for search engine

Companies need to identify the budget to spend and then should also prioritize the dollars appropriately. They should even recognize that, since Google continues rewarding the real world and time consuming strategies, planning far adequate ahead of the time in expedition to meet the goals on timeline is much crucial.

Content writing is just like any other form of SEO, as it requires great knowledge and skills on your part. The success highly depends on the quality of your creative writing, if you have it.

A lot of people say that “content is king”, but it’s not entirely true. Yes, you may have high-quality writings, but that alone doesn’t guarantee any success at all. Of course, you also need to keep into consideration the proper spelling and grammar.

We may not all be native English writers, but we must work hard to improve our skills. If you’re still having a difficult time, then a web-based grammar and spelling checker will definitely come in handy.

Don’t rely too much on hiring professionals for quality services, because this is often time-consuming and costly. The perfect solution is for you to write and once you’re done, examine your text carefully (proofread it) with the help of some handy tools – web applications or desktop software.

Here are 10 such tools to help improve your content writing. Enjoy!


In this day and age, a plagiarism checker will really come in handy for protecting your written works. A plagiarism checker tool like Plagtracker will benefit teachers, students, website authors, and anyone else interested in protecting their writings. This software guarantees that anything you write can be thoroughly checked to ensure that your texts are 100% original.


This grammar checker software helps you write better English and effectively corrects texts. It’s based on the context of complete sentences, using patent-pending technology to fix grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and misused words, with unmatched accuracy. The software improves your text, and will serve as your personal editor and proofreader.


GrammarBase is a spelling checker that provides a comprehensive scan of your writing. Contextual spelling will be examined to make sure that you’re using the proper words in your document, thus preventing mistakes that other spell checkers often overlook. It’s an indispensable tool for students, teachers, journalists, job-seekers, business writers, copywriters, authors, bloggers, proofreaders, editors, and many others.


This grammar and spell checker looks for common spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in English. Just type in or paste your text into the window below and click on the “Check Text” button. It’s that simple!

Polish My Writing

Writing one word when you mean another is a common error in writing. Most spell checkers assume any word in their dictionary is correct regardless of context. This means all misused errors go unnoticed. But Polish My Writing is different. It has a database of 1,500 commonly misused words, and it checks each use of these words for a better fitting word. If it finds such a word, the misused word will be marked as misspelled and the software will suggest what it thinks you meant.


This tool will help improve your writing in just a matter of minutes. The longer you spend, the more it will improve. It provides 19 different free reports on your writing so a clear summary of the key results is important. It provides an analysis so you can quickly see what the key things are that require improvement.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker is a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use tool that will highlight the areas of your content that have been plagiarized. It will then provide links to the offending site(s) so you can track the plagiarist(s). It effectively uses red and green highlights. You’ll love its usability, too. Best of all, it’s completely free of charge! Just paste your content or upload your file, and you’re all set to a plagiarism-free website!


This free resource uses AI to help students write better. It effectively combines Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Computational Linguistics, and Data Mining, making it one of the most powerful automated proofreading tools available on the Web. It’s a favorite tool among schools and universities, with the aim to help students improve their writing and check for plagiarism.


Grammarly is a lightning-fast grammar checker that scans your text for proper use of over 250 advanced grammar rules, spanning everything from subject-verb agreement to article use to placement of modifier. So forget about those thick grammar textbooks and trying to grammar-check your own work – this tool will do the heavy lifting for you. It’s one of the best out there and can be accessed anywhere, ready to make your writing completely error-free!

Hemingway App

This app works by highlighting long, complex sentences and common errors. So whenever you see a yellow highlight, make sure to shorten the sentence or split it.

As one of the most popular and powerful search engines, Google has released many useful SEO tools and resources for webmasters to optimize their websites. After all, with the fierce competition among many websites on the Web, website owners need such tools for SEO. With the right tools, they can get their website to rank highly in the search results and achieve better online visibility.

In today’s post, we’re going to share with you 10 of the very best Google SEO tools that will allow you to set up a SEO-friendly website with ease. See how they can be of use to you.

Let’s jump right in!

Google AdWords Traffic Estimator

The Google AdWords Traffic Estimator is a tool to help you estimate the value of a particular keyword for advertising. It lets you know the keyword competition, monthly searching count, and suggested bid. If the result is not to your liking, you can choose from some alternatives by clicking the keyword groups.

Google Webmaster Tools

As the name implies, this toolkit is an online service that’s offered by Google for webmasters to check the indexing status, optimizing their site for better SEO, setting the crawl rate, looking for broken links, setting a preferred domain, and more. With it, you can know whether your website is healthy and Google-friendly, so you can improve your site according to the diagnostic results.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a website tracking tool that lets you keep pace with site traffic tightly. With it, you can know clearly the number of visitors who have browsed your site on a daily basis, what these people have done with the content, and how they entered the site. Besides the detailed audience information, you can also determine the conversion rate, page loading speed, and the best publishing time.

Google Website Optimizer

This easy-to-use website optimization tool helps you test your content easily and efficiently. With it, you can increase page views and improve the reading experience. The tool leverages the power of multiple advanced technologies that test all the elements existing as HTML code for the web page, like fonts, headlines, images, and calls to action, among others.


SEOQuake is an analytic tool for SEO that will help you optimize and promote your website for better SEO. It shows the web page ranking, Alexa ranking, and many other SEO parameters. It also highlights nofollow links and text density, and checks and compares URLs. With it, you can get various information about your site from different aspects, thus improving your site in the right direction.

Google Keyword Tool

A keyword is a specific word or short phrase that describes the main topic of your content. A proper keyword not only helps readers understand your statement easily, but also attracts searching spiders to crawl your post effectively. With this Google tool, you can decide the most appropriate one for a specific article, with less effort on your part. Simply type a word that’s related to your post, and this tool will provide a list of similar keywords that have been searched by many people for many times, along with statistics of monthly search, competition level, and advertising value.

Google Trends

As a website owner, it’s important for you to know the current trend on the Internet so you can write around the hot topic to pique your readers’ attention. In order toachieve this goal, Google Trends will come in handy. It’s an online tool that shows how often a particular term is searched across various regions in different languages across the globe. With this tool, you can get a clear graph that comes with both horizontal and vertical axis, showing time ranging and searching frequency of the item respectively.

Google Advanced Image Search

The graphical component is one of the most important elements of any post, as it adds great diversity to your content and relieve eye strain of readers to some extent. This Google tool will help you easily find your favorite images. With it, you can search by adding some related words, and narrow down your choices by deciding the size, color, aspect ratio, format, etc. This tool will surely help you save a lot of time and effort from searching images. Better still, all the results are completely free of charge!

Google AdWords

Renting ad space is a popular way to generate income online, but how can you carry out this method effectively? With Google AdWords, you can deal with this problem easily and effectively. The tool lets you know the best ad placement on your website, decide the best budget range, choose a proper advertising keyword, and calculate the bid with ease.

Google Insights for Search

This Google tool is much like Google Trends, in that it provides an insight into the searching trends in the Google search engine. It offers a visual presentation on the country map, allowing you to find out the regional interest easily. Besides this, you can narrow down the choices simply by choosing categories.

Jumpline is a premium web hosting provider. What this means is that they have taken web hosting as far as you can take it by providing a super fast network, superior uptime, and great customer service.

Jumpline web hosting is more expensive than most of the web hosting providers that you have seen, but you’re getting the best quality of web hosting for the little bit more that is charged for Jumpline web hosting.

Jumpline web hosting utilizes the opportunity for increased power and reliability by making each web hosting account independent when it comes to the operation of the web hosting allocation as well as monitoring.

Jumpline monitors each web hosting account to ensure that reliability and top speed is met consistently.

Jumpline web hosting is great for those with websites which are mission critical.

Sure, you will be paying a premium price in order to take advantage of Jumpline web hosting, but the network can’t be touched and it’s definitely worth what they’re asking for.

Jumpline does use virtual dedicated server technology in order to help isolate each web hosting account from the others.

This provides you with the opportunity to run web-based applications that other shared web hosting providers simply don’t offer.

Want to check out Jumpline web hosting?
Click below for their website.

Do you get what you pay for when you choose Jumpline web hosting?

If you compare the price of Jumpline web hosting (which is slightly less than ten bucks per month) to the competing web hosting providers, you will easily be able to tell that they charge quite a bit more than the others.

The features that are included with Jumpline web hosting are very similar to web hosting plans that you can find with other providers for less money.

However, their network really can’t be touched as it’s one of the best web hosting networks on the planet.

What kind of support comes with Jumpline web hosting?

Jumpline web hosting provides one of the best customer support strategies known in the web hosting industry.

They provide toll free telephone support and an extensive knowledge base full of commonly asked questions and solutions to those common questions.

They also have documentation which is very in depth and written so that anybody will be able to understand it without having to worry about getting confused with uncommonly used terms.

You can access customer support via your control panel and you will also see live updates on how the Jumpline web hosting server is doing right in your control panel.

What control panel options are available with Jumpline web hosting?

Jumpline web hosting uses the Sphera control panel to provide their web hosting customers with the website management features that they need.

If you compare Sphera to HSphere, HSphere does have more features when it comes down to it.

One of the major downsides of Sphera is that it’s one of the slowest control panels in the industry.

How reliable is Jumpline web hosting?

Jumpline web hosting servers are housed in a Qwest data center. This data center is known for housing servers that are used by the government and some of the largest online enterprises in the world.

Being housed with Qwest allows Jumpline to provide a very high quality network that easily sets them apart from their competitors.

JumpLine Web Hosting Review
7.8 / 10 Reviewer
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LunarPages dedicated server hosting started back in the year of 2000.

With such a great track record in the web hosting industry, LunarPages dedicated server hosting has been able to excel when it comes to providing dedicated servers.

LunarPages dedicated server hosting isn’t one of those companies that you have to worry about hurting your website(s) because of any problems that they may have.

After all, they seem to resolve their problems right in the beginning.

LunarPages shared web hosting took the industry by storm. When LunarPages dedicated server hosting came around it did the same, backed with a premium quality of dedicated server support for their customers.

With prices less than $100 per month for a dedicated server, LunarPages dedicated server hosting can provide anyone with a solution to their demands no matter how small or large that they may be.

With that said, LunarPages dedicated server hosting is one of the best options for you when it comes to finding a great dedicated server provider.

What Sets Lunarpages Dedicated Apart?

  • Customizable dedicated server solutions available.
  • Windows and Linux are supported with LunarPages dedicated server hosting.
  • Free bonuses worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Control Panel

  • Free setup with most dedicated servers.
  • Premium support on all LunarPages dedicated servers.
  • Thirty Day Money Back Guarantee
  • E-commerce Supported
  • The ability to add additional services.
  • Much, much more.

Important Dedicated Info

  • Root Access – Root access is available on all LunarPages dedicated servers.
  • Power Strategy – LunarPages dedicated servers are hooked up to multiple uninterruptible power supplies and there is a backup generator waiting to kick on in case the main power to the data center experiences and outage.
  • IP Addresses – All LunarPages dedicated servers include 3 IP addresses.
  • Security – The data center that houses LunarPages dedicated servers is constantly monitored by on-site security staff around the clock.
  • Data Center – The LunarPages data center is located in Los Angeles, California and is equipped with top of the line servers on an extremely fast network that boasts a great amount of speed when it comes to the network connectivity delivered to the servers.

Who can benefit from LunarPages dedicated server hosting?

  • Web Hosting Providers
  • Extreme Websites
  • Anyone that needs more than a VPS or shared web hosting.
  • Game Servers
  • Anyone that demands a respected dedicated server provider.

Bonus Services

  • Remote Reboot Port – You can get this to reboot your server remotely for ten bucks extra each month.
  • Server Management – While LunarPages dedicated server hosting doesn’t offer full server management, they do offer an extended service for an additional cost.
  • Server Backup – LunarPages dedicated servers comes with 2GB of backup space. Additional backup space may be purchased for an additional cost.
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NetFirms web hosting is definitely one of the most massive web hosting providers in the world.

NetFirms web hosting also has one of the largest infrastructures located within the United States.

As you can see, NetFirms web hosting sure does have a lot going for them when it comes to being one of the most popular web hosting providers in the world.

NetFirms Price Value

NetFirms web hosting has affordable pricing when it comes to the various web hosting plans that they have to offer.

With each web hosting plan, there is a specific set of features that are used for that plan.

NetFirms web hosting plans are only available on a yearly basis. They offer very small discounts for paying for more than one year at once.

NetFirms Support

NetFirms web hosting provides a very high quality of support for their web hosting customers and their staff takes the time to answer your questions accurately and quickly.

NetFirms web hosting provides a variety of support options including telephone and e-mail. They provide support around the clock.

However there has been slow response times reported. This was probably due to their massive size of a client base that they have.

Control Panel Details

NetFirms web hosting uses a custom-developed control panel in order to provide their web hosting customers with the management that they need.

This control panel is relatively easy to use and neatly organized. When compared to other control panels, it performs just a little bit above average.

NetFirms Reliability

NetFirms web hosting boasts one of the biggest network infrastructures in the world. They also conduct regular checks in order to monitor the availability of their servers.

With that said, NetFirms web hosting does have a strategy set into place in order to assure reliability is never forgotten.

NetFirms Review
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If you have set up a new business with an online presence, you will want to make sure that your website gets ranked in the search engines of Google, Yahoo and Bing. As your search engine rankings improve, you can expect to receive more traffic and visitors to your website through organic searches.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the term used to describe the process of getting your website ranked as high as possible in the search engines. It uses both techniques that you can apply to your website (on site optimization) as well as strategies that you can apply off site to improve your website’s rankings. Today’s blog post will cover some basics of on site optimization techniques.

So is SEO as complicated as the IT buffs make it out to be? Is it really a mysterious art form that only those in the know are privy to?

SEO can be a complicated process and there has been many a great debate over what constitutes good SEO practices. But the basics of SEO are generally accepted, so if you apply some of these simple SEO principles to your website, this will greatly assist in getting your website off to a good start.

Here are three important aspects of SEO that website owners should be knowledgeable about.


Keywords are an important aspect of good SEO – they describe the actual search terms that people enter into the search engines when looking for information. Try to identify keywords that are relevant and appropriate to your business. If you are new to keyword research, go to the Google Adwords Keywords Tool and enter some search terms that best describe your business – the tool will produce a list of relevant keywords that you can review.

Once you have your list of relevant keywords, scan the list to find out the monthly search volume of individual keywords – i.e. the number of people searching on a particular term each month.

For example, if you own a business in Dallas, Texas, called the Texas Ranch Mexican Restaurant, you will want to know the search volume for a keyword such as Mexican Restaurants Dallas.

Meta Tags

From your list of keywords, choose those that best describe your business. One aspect of good on site optimization is to use appropriate meta tags (such as the meta description tag, and the meta keywords tag) for your website.

The meta description tag is a brief description about the contents of your page that should include your relevant keywords, and often is used by search engines in this manner. The meta keywords tag allows you to list keywords that are relevant to your website page, and these are used by some search engines to help confirm the contents of a web page.

Make sure that the keywords that you choose to include in the meta description tag, the meta keywords tag and the content of your website page are all consistent with each other.

Title Tag

Using an appropriate title tag is another important aspect of good on site optimization. Try to include your business name in the title tag of your home page.

For example, your business may be called the Texas Ranch Mexican Restaurant. It’s good practice to include your business name and locality in the title tag, since it provides more information for search engines to use when deciding if your web page is a good match for a user’s search. So an appropriate title tag for your home page would be as follows – Texas Ranch Mexican Restaurant, Dallas Texas.

While the finer points of SEO optimization are sometimes open to debate (and change), sensible use of the above basic SEO practices will help your business website move up in the search engine rankings, resulting in more visitors and prospective customers for your business. When it comes to SEO optimization, basic does not mean unimportant!

If you’re serious about making it big in the photography scene, a traditional portfolio might not cut it anymore. As time passes by, more and more photographers are turning to the Web to build their reputation, give them an interactive way to showcase their works, and to show them to an even wider audience.

Because of this increased demand, WordPress developers are putting together a whole range of themes that are created with photography websites in mind. And if you’re in need of a nice theme for your website, you’re in luck because that’s what I’m about to share with you guys today!

In this roundup, I’m going to present to you 10 awesome free WordPress themes that are perfect for photography sites. Images dominate these themes, and they come with unique and stylish solutions for showcasing your photos.

Check them out!


Sketch is a nice and clean responsive WordPress theme that’s perfect for portfolio and photography websites. It comes with options for adding a custom site logo, featured content slider, and has plenty of room to share your work.


This free WordPress theme is perfect for showing off your best works. It’s created with photographers in mind, featuring a fully responsive layout, a full-screen slider, custom widgets, and plenty of options in the Customizer.


Pictorico is a one-column, grid-style portfolio theme for WordPress that comes with large featured images and a post slider. It’s the perfect choice for photography and portfolio websites.


This free WordPress photography theme is perfect for showing off your best photos. It’s easy to use and customize, and you can add your photos right away. It features a nice drag-and-drop page builder, so you can also use it to create a business or company website.


Freedom is a clean and simple photography WordPress theme that comes with a responsive layout. It supports custom header, custom background, custom menu, widget areas, and more. It comes with a built-in options panel so you can easily configure the color scheme, site logo, slider, sidebar layout, category layout, etc.


This unique and stunning free WordPress photoblogging theme uses a striking design, with a left-hand sidebar and a nice full-width photo grid that’s perfect for displaying thumbnails. You can also display the first few lines of your post in this particular thumbnail space.

The theme is cross-browser compatible and you can add extra functionality to your site using any of the widget areas. What’s more, you can add your own background image!


SoloFolio is a clean and professional WordPress theme that’s made especially for portfolio and photography websites. Some of it key features include responsive and retina-ready image galleries, custom widgets for dropdown menus and social media icons, WooCommerce integration, and more.


This simple and responsive free WordPress theme is perfect for photography websites. It uses a beautiful full-width header image, as well as a unique and stylish header bar that you can use to display your social sharing icons. Scroll down the page and your images are displayed nicely using a portrait thumbnail grid.

One of this theme’s biggest strengths is its customization options. This includes allowing you to set your own background images, choosing your own color scheme and typography, and adding extra functions on the custom widget area.


Satu is a single-column, mobile-friendly photography WordPress theme with a modern and responsive design. It comes with a highly customizable background, support for post format, unlimited color schemes, beautiful featured images, and more.


This unique free WordPress theme is suitable for photography sites and blogs. It comes with a unique homepage design, with a full page of images, along with a header bar and menu right in the center of the page. The thumbnail images slot together in a stylish grid on the homepage, complete with hover effect. What’s more, you can add extra functionality to your site in a custom footer widget area.

Social video marketing has evolved over the years to become the number one medium to attract the most traffic. It started with YouTube and grew. YouTube videos were originally shared on some of the first social media networks, Facebook and Twitter, and at times various videos would go viral with shares, likes, and retweets.

Facebook and Twitter now have their own resources that encourage members to upload videos to their platforms. Whilst video is not a big part of Twitter, Facebook has grown their video portal to massive proportions. Part of this equation is that they have 1 billion users which means not only can videos go viral quickly within Facebook but on all social networks.

To rank a video whether it is on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube you need to have an SEO title but not only that it needs to attract eye balls. The description needs to have length and contain a rich amount of keywords, and finally you need to add tags to help your video rank. In Twitter or Facebook this may come in the form of hashtags #.

The next factor to consider is that the quality of the video. It needs to have a voice. Robotic text to speech voices are not attractive, unless they are more natural sounding. The content needs to be interesting to the viewer and hold their attention. To do this the host needs to be doing something either on their computer or drawing on a whiteboard. The exception to this is sharing content relevant to the title that is useful. Having all these factors in place will attract comments and social media sharing.

This is the social factor of social video marketing. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have this, and now YouTube is building on this. To comment on YouTube you need to be logged in. The new social resource that YouTube has uncovered is allowing channel owners to feature a community or discussion tab. Since its humble beginnings it has grown in popularity, yet not many people know about this.
The latest feature of social video marketing is live video. Twitter was one of the first platforms to break into this with its Periscope platform. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube soon followed by launching Facebook Live, Instagram and YouTube live videos. Social media celebrities can attract huge congregations of people to tune in and watch their video giving them a platform to promote their programs. Commenting is frequent and Live video hosts answer viewers questions and at times will feature viewers in the live videos.

Neil Patel, from the data he has collected has concluded that video in the next few years will become the number one medium that web users will use to consume information. And you only need to look at video viewer numbers of viral videos on the social networks to conclude there is truth in this conclusion. Social video marketing will develop as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube continue to lead the charge with social video marketing.

Content is king!

Before I get into the Google panda stuff, I wanna ask you something….ever hear the expression “Content is King” before?

I’m willing to bet an In-N-Out double cheeseburger with animal style fries that you have (yes, I am pretty hungry as I write this…)

But do you know what that really means?

Cause I was kind of confused when I first heard this somewhat overused IM axiom.

So what actually qualifies as good content?

Revealing a secret that most people don’t know about? Nope.

Over-delivering like heck?  Nope.

Formatting everything so it’s super organized and really actionable? Nope.

Creating good content, or “killer content” as I like to call it is simply…

Giving Your Visitor Exactly What They Want!

This is the difference between creating stuff that people love reading and will share with their buddies… versus… pouring hours of your time into creating content that quietly sits there while tumbleweeds roll across.

And ultimately, the difference between pulling in loads of cash versus wasting your time… to put it bluntly.

Before I get into easiest way to read your audience’s mind and give them what they want, I want to share a quick example of why good content is absolutely crucial for any internet marketer nowadays.

So a few years back, you could have a site filled with informational articles on health insurance that you bought from an article writing service and rank on the first page of Google. Just add adsense and you’d make a killing (the insurance niche has a very high Adsense payout).

But Google got smarter.

They know (as you and I know) that if someone is searching for the term “health insurance”, they couldn’t CARE LESS about reading a 500 world article on the benefits of health insurance.

They want to BUY health insurance online. Or at least review different plans before making a decision.

So now, in order to rank for a term like “health insurance” you need to be an actual service provider, or can direct people to one, because that’s what visitors want. Not a B.S. 500 word article. I’m sure you’ve felt the frustration of really wanting to find something online, but only landing on crap websites.

Yes, Google’s AI human-learning thingamajig is smart enough to know when you’re giving good content and crap content (one indicator of this is your website’s bounce rate, but there are many others).

And by the way, Google is not done. It’s constantly changing. There were actually several Google Panda updates in 2018 and there will be more in 2019.

Panda Updates Can Literally Ruin Your Online Business Overnight!

So how do we safeguard against this?

Simple: Give visitors what they want aka provide killer content.

Remember that marketing is simply giving people exactly what they want.

So let’s talk about a cool little tactic you can use to find out what your website visitors truly want.

No, it’s not surveying them, although that works too.

It’s actually pretty ninja. I call it, “reading your visitor’s mind”

Here’s the tactic:

You’re going to create a contact form, disguised as a search engine box. So when your visitors type in a question they want answers to, you’ll receive that exact query as an email. Review these emails an you’ll know exactly what type of content to create!

This is golden if you don’t know much about your niche.

One of my websites is in the pregnancy niche. Believe it or not, I’m not an expectant mother and don’t know much about pregnancy.

…despite what you may think after seeing my post-holiday dinner belly…

So in order to find out what expectant mothers wanted to know concerning their HCG levels during pregnancy, I set up this little form:

That’s just a picture with a simple contact form underneath. I use the plugin, Contact Form 7.

I let this run for about a week. And received hundreds of emails with what people were typing in. Not surprisingly, most people were asking the same questions. And I knew I needed to give the answers to these questions somewhere on my site… to give my visitors exactly what they’re looking for, but also to prove to Google that I deserve the top ranking for the keyword (currently 6th, but just wait a few weeks).

Whatever I create will be considered “great content” because it’s exactly what the visitors are looking for!

Do not make the mistake of merely guessing your audience wants.

Use this or some other research method to find out for sure. And no your picture doesn’t have to be as corny as mine

Try this out and let me know how it works!

PS- what kind of sorry excuse for a marketer would I be if I didn’t ask you guys what type of stuff you want me to write about!

Leave a reply in the comments below and let me know things you’re struggling with, topics you want to know more about, or anything you want to see on this blog.

If you know what a backlink is, you probably know about the mean ol’ Panda that’s been poking its head out every so often and burying unfortunate websites deep down underground.

This is the traffic stats for one of my sites around the very FIRST Google Panda update (then known as the “Farmer” update):

This was my reaction:

Another one has bitten the dust…

Since late February, there have been a lot of chatter on the web about how to Panda proof your site… create better content, remove duplicate content, diversify your backlinks, use social media, yada yada yada.

And the reasoning all make sense… but it’s still all speculation.

I mean, think about it- no one can predict Google’s next move.

But there’s one simple way to shield your website from Panda that doesn’t get talked about a lot…

Get Other Sources of Traffic Besides Search Engine Traffic!

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket…

Sounds like common sense right?

A lot of passive-income enthusiasts (myself included) get sooooo focused on organic search traffic that we forget about other ways to attract visitors to our site.

Rankings and number of backlinks mean nothing by themselves.

We only care about how many targeted visitors we can drive to our site.

And course, free traffic is the best.

Here’s what it’s all about:

#1 The High Octane Viral Youtube Copycat Method (15 minutes)

(LOL… just wanted to see how cool I could make this sound…)

I got the idea for this from my buddy David. He told me about this cool way to get traffic with Youtube. I tweaked this a little bit and saw great results.

My traffic shot up from less than 20 unique visitors per day to just under 900 unique visitors per day

(By the way I’m using Clicky analytics…. Much better than Google Analytics to track your traffic stats)

So here’s a domain I bought on November 5th

I threw up a couple of unique articles and saw 5-20 visitors a day on average for 2 weeks.

I left it alone until November 18th, when I decided to test out David’s little traffic trick. It took me a total of 15 minutes and EXPLODED my traffic. It took 2 days before I remembered that I can actually make money from this traffic with ads (I’m a bit slow sometimes…).

So I added my Adsense code and viola…

(I know its kinda tacky to be posting earnings and everything… I just want you to understand how powerful this is)

So it made $40 in 10 days. That’s on track for over $100 a month!

If I were to list this site on Flippa, I could sell it for $800-$1200!

Remember, this is site is only 2 weeks old!

So here’s the what you do to get his type of traffic in 15 minutes:

Step 1. Go Youtube and find a video related to your keyword. The more interesting and viral, the better. If you can’t find one, create one with Animoto. Animoto is a piece of cake.

Step 2. Using a video editor, split the video right before the most interesting part. Upload the first part to YouTube, give it a super attention-grabbing title that viewers cannot resist clicking on… and add (part 1 of 2) at the end.

If your copywriting skills aren’t up to par, don’t worry. Study some National Enquirer headlines(which happens to be the most read subscription in the WORLD for a reason).

Step 3. In your video description, link to your website and have a call to action: “ < Click here to see part 2″

Step 4. On your website, embed part 2 of the video. And if you want to take a step further:

Below the video on your website, add a free offer (lead magnet) that visitors might be interested in and lock it with a tool called “Like Locker Pro“. That way, visitors have to “like” your page (which shares it in their FB newsfeed) in order to get their free stuff. Like This Post To Download Like Locker Pro!

(There’s a free tool that does something similar by Glen Allsopp of Viper Chill . I can’t think of the name right now, but when it comes, I’ll post it)

So that gave another bump in traffic because I was getting referrals from Facebook too.

Step 5. Ready for the sneaky part?

Social bookmark your Youtube video on Digg and use Microworkers to get ~90 Diggs to the video (dirt cheap to do). Again, use good copywriting when creating your bookmark. And feel free to do the same with other SB sites like Reddit.

Next, use a service called Vagex to increase your original video’s view count. You get 50 views for free and afterwards it’s like a dollar for 1000 views. I only used 1050.

Your Youtube video will get quickly ranked which in turn drove a ton of traffic to your money site.

The key to making this work beautifully is a really enticing video and good copywriting to get people curious. Another great place to get intriguing headline structures is to look at the top news stories at Digg.

#2 *Intelligent* Blog Commenting

You’re probably thinking “Blog commenting, wtf? Aren’t those just spammy backlinks?”

Yes, if you’re dropping your anchor text in the name field and posting nonsense like “I really enjoyed reading this post! Great job! Yay!”

But if you do it the RIGHT way (white hat), you can and get some nice traffic from a targeted audience.

Here’s the stats for one of my micro niche sites for the last 14 days:

Of the 419 people that came to my site via link, 408 were from a single blog comment link from a related blog in my niche!

Remember that this is a micro niche site, meaning that I’m supposed to get the majority of my traffic through the exact match long-tail search phrase (I’m even ranked in the top 5!).


I only got 41 visits from that keyword in 14 days…

That single blog comment-which took 30 seconds- yielded 900% better results than 3 weeks of manual article submissions, forum comments, press releases, backlink packages, and other tedious SEO methods.

So now you’re probably wondering how do you get these blog comment backlinks to…

1. stick and

2. send you actual visitors?

It’s easy as ABC.

First things first, search for the top blogs in your niche. Here’s a tool to help ya out!

Use a NAME in the name field, not your anchor text. And in your reply, link to your website with a naked link. A naked link is just your url, straight up. (

Your comment should relate your site to the blog post. It helps if you read the post and get an idea of what it’s about. Here’s 2 templates that will get high approval rates

“Hey, thanks for the info… I was reading on and saw that [relevant piece of info]… what do you think about that?”

“@(another commenter’s name): [make a comment about their post, referring back to your site]

So if someone named Nick commented before you and asked a question, your reply should be, “@Nick, I was wondering the same thing. http://www. says that blah blah blah…”

Sneeeeeeaky stuff eh?

That’s about it for today… hope you learned something!

And if you’re not subscribed to my email list yet, you can join here for updates and other goodies (don’t laugh, I know it’s ghetto):