The costs of domain name registration and internet hosting have dropped to the point that it’s possible to own multiple websites without going broke. In the event you plan to operate multiple websites, here is some information on the different choices available to you. The first thing to think about when setting up multiple websites is whether or not to host them all with the exact same internet hosting business. Numerous internet hosts provide packages that let you set up multiple websites on a single account and almost all will let you set up multiple accounts, 1 for every site.

If you’re happy with the hosting company you’re utilizing for your existing website(s), 1 benefit of using them for an additional website is the reality that you know they provide good service and support.

They may also offer discounts for multiple sites, so your costs might be lower if you stay with them again.

On the other hand, if you choose a various host you’ll be able to compare the quality of an additional business with whomever you’re currently using. In the event you ever run into problems with them, you’ll have an alternative. It’s wise not to “put all your eggs in 1 basket” as the saying goes.

An additional advantage of utilizing a various host is that you’ll get a different IP address for every one of your sites. If your sites are related to 1 an additional and you want to link them together, having different IP addresses can occasionally help your website rank higher in the search engines.

Links from other websites are one of probably the most essential factors in getting your website ranked extremely. If those links come from websites on the exact same IP address, it is a signal to the search engines that they’re fairly likely all owned by the exact same person, and they might discount the value of those links.

In the event you do select to host all your sites with 1 company, you will find essentially three choices – separate accounts for each site, a reseller account where they are all hosted or a dedicated server, once more where they are all hosted.

Separate accounts are self-explanatory, so let’s take a look at reseller accounts. As a reseller, you’re essentially acting as an agent for the hosting company – a middleman between them and the end user.

The idea is that you can set up your own company offering web hosting that’s ultimately hosted by the business. You do not need to resell this hosting, however – you can use the hosting services for your own websites, essentially “reselling” the hosting to yourself.

A reseller account is nice because all your websites are “under 1 roof” and you have a single point of contact for any technical issues.

Hosting on a Godaddy dedicated server gives you complete control of the computer that’s the internet server. You can install any software you want, any operating system you would like and you are able to allocate resources like memory and hard disk space, however, you want to divide it up between your websites.

The disadvantage of a dedicated server is that you’re responsible for maintaining the server and sometimes even for the technical side of issues. If you aren’t familiar with the technical side of running a web server, you might require to select a managed dedicated server, where the hosting company looks after these problems.

Dedicated servers are, of course, more expensive than the other choices, so unless your websites are well established, with a lot of traffic, they might not fit within your spending budget. But if you know and are sure that your website will gain traction very quickly, this investment might be well worth it.

When a large company needs a powerful and reliable web hosting service, to whom can they turn?  It might be possible that Liquid Web is a viable contender.  It is a privately-owned company that was founded in 1997, which makes them one of the older companies in the industry.  The company has three data centers in Lansing and one in Scottsdale, Arizona and employs over 400 people.  The company has reportedly serviced over 30 thousand clients worldwide in over 150 countries.  It has also been the recipient of the award of being one of the fastest growing companies from Inc.5000 from 2007 to 20114.

Liquid Web offers a variety of services and products, but the most popular one is the web hosting service.  The company offers Linux and Window based servers with plans available for dedicated hosting and VPS.


Liquid Web offers the following products.

  • Dedicated Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Cloud Dedicated
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Enterprise Hosting
  • HIPAA Hosting
  • PCI Compliant Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Hybrid Hosting


The customer can choose between a Windows-based or Linux-based server.  There is such a large selection of products and services from which to choose, that a company should not have much difficulty in finding a hosting solution that matches their need.  The servers used are very powerful servers that are outfitted with some of the fastest processor and memory speeds that are currently on the market.

Liquid Web offers a range of plans and contract lengths that might make it easier to afford.  If a small business needs the power that the machines of this company offers, there might be a plan available that would make the service more affordable, and the company also offers prorated pricing for initiating a contract in the middle of the month rather than in the beginning of the month.

This company offers two avenues for a website owner to make money with them.  There is an affiliate program which is free to join.  When a person submits an application to become an affiliate, they will receive banners and links to place on their site. There is a one-time commission plan, but if the person sells a dedicated server, that person can also receive a residual income of five percent on that sale.  Commission of anywhere from $10 to $5,000 can be earned per sale, depending upon the product sold.

The reseller program offers a person the opportunity to sell the company’s hosting service under their own brand.  The monthly fee ranges from $99 per month to $299 per month, depending upon the package chosen.  Each of the packages includes a powerful Intel Xeon server more powerful than the previous package.  As the reseller makes money, they can also save money with the automatic tiered discounts.  As the amount of revenue increases, the discount on service also increases.

Customer service appears to be very important to this company and they have created customer service that is available around the clock.   This company has a widget on their website that keeps track of their initial response times and everyone who visits the site can see if they have remained on target with their goals.  Customer service can be requested and received at any time via telephone, live chat, and email.


A company seeking to obtain their web hosting service through LiquidWeb Coupon should be prepared for a little bit of sticker shock.   The service is expensive, and the more powerful the equipment needed or desired, the more expensive it will be.   The basic plan for a dedicated server is going to cost $199 per month. VPS Hosting will cost $1.64 per day and Cloud dedicated hosting will cost $3.62 per day.  Very pricey when considering some companies charge around $3.50 per month for the same service.  Prices for Window-based servers are even higher.  Additional services and upsells will increase the price.

In the list of services that this company offers, shared hosting is glaringly missing from that list. Liquid Web does not offer shared hosting.  The absence of shared hosting means that this company is not focused on the people who just want to create a personal website or a blog.  The focus is on small companies who are on the crest of becoming a medium-sized company and would benefit from any extra push that this kind of technology could give them.


Liquid Web is a long-time contender in the arena of web hosting.  The company it is now is a company that has placed its focus, resources, and attention on the mid-sized business and the small business that is on the cusp of moving to the next level.  The hardware and services are quality and they provide excellent service.  They report perfect uptime and have DDoS attack prevention combined with a number of security measure to protect your databases, files, and copyrighted images.  Excellent service usually comes with an excellent price, and this company proves that it is true.  Their prices are expensive, but this service is not meant for the newbie who wants to start a blog or the small-time baker who just want a platform to showcase their craft online.   This service was meant for the business that means business.

Liquid Web Review – Is it as Smooth as it Sounds?
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The more PPC advertising with Google Ads (Formally known as Adwords) I am doing, the more I notice mistakes that other advertisers are making. It always reminds me to work very detailed and to spend plenty of time creating my ad groups and to pick the right keywords and the keyword match style for my campaigns. I spend quite a few hours this afternoon/evening to build a landing page for a campaign and build keywords lists. While doing keyword research I found the following. Take a look at the screenshot below (click image to see a bigger version).

My search term was “repair my lips” as you can see (marked in color up above). I marked two Google Ads ads on the right side. I was searching for lip balm related products, but these two results really sticked out and I could not avoid a smile. The first marked ad is for a Watch Repair service. Not really a good match. The second ad I noticed is Roadside assistance. Again, not a very good match. Not only does it deliver a “bad” experience for me as the person doing the search, it also delivers a bad advertising experience for these folks who are promoting their products. Most-likely they will not get a single click or if they get clicks, they will not be targeted at all. It’s very unlikely that the roadside assistance service will deliver lip balm to a “stranded motorist” who is suffering from dry lips.

There are two things to learn from this (if you are doing pay per click advertising). First thing is to review your keywords and make sure that they are as targeted as possible. Here I assume that both advertisers use the term “repair” as a single term in their keyword lists. The next thing is to pick between the 3 different match types Google Ads offers. As an advertiser you can choose “Broad Match”, “Phrase Match”, and “Exact Match”. Each match type offers different advantages and disadvantages that need to be looked at. By picking the right choice the advertiser will be able to keep the advertising cost under control and eventually make a profit from his/her ads.

The 2 advertisers will suffer from low CTRs in the end as each impression counts against the clicks and Google will force them to pay higher prices and list their ads at lower ranks. Soon these search terms will become very expensive and therefore useless for these advertisers. It’s just a matter of time and how Google treats advertisers that don’t spend enough time to develop good campaigns.

I have not really paid much attention to this method of link building yet, but have now decided to give it a try. If you look around at Webmaster Forums you’ll find people looking for a sponsor of their templates. Templates can be for directories or blogs (in particular WordPress Blogs). These fine folks design and build templates for the software of choice and release it for free. Under the license terms the user of such a template has to leave the footer links intact. By getting sponsors for their templates these designers actually make money. If you are a good designer it might take you an hour or two to develop a nice looking template. You sell 2 sponsored links for somewhere between $35 and $100. Depending on where you live this will carry you quite a while. From a sponsor point of view this means if the template is promoted well, you get a lot of back links from other blogs. Imagine a free template with your link in it used 100 times – this can be significant if those blogs grow in popularity and Google Page Rank. By the time you read this I most likely secured the first template sponsorship (I am writing this posting in advance and let WordPress publish it automatically at a time I specified before). So, we will see how this turns out. Don’t tell anyone, but the real beauty of this “seo trick” is not to concentrate on the public available sponsorships you find in forums, but to contact designers and work with them directly. Bypass the middleman, bypass the competition.

In general this seems to be an underdeveloped market with high potential. If used in a mix of normal link building and SEO it can be a great tool to make your blog or website more popular. With Google and other search engines becoming more difficult to deal with from a webmaster standpoint you have to become more creative if you want to succeed. White Hat SEO is fine, but if you are too conservative with your approach things are moving very slow. That has been my biggest mistake. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a bad way, but it is slow. Being a little more aggressive does not mean that you have to leave the white hat seo arena though. It just means you have to re-assess how you do stuff and decide to take a different approach that will get you going faster. But with everything that you do beyond what the search engines want you to do, you increase the risk of landing in supplemental hell or in the Google Sandbox. Therefore it is always good to diversify.

Admin Review

Knownhost is known for its managed linux servers and superb support. as of today Feb 21st 2018 out website itself is hosted at knownhost dedicated servers. I have been a knownhost customer since 2012 and never had any bad experience. I have tried hostgator and other hosting providers for myself and clients, but never found a more reliable hosting provider than knownhost. I have to say, I don’t have any affiliate deals or I am not getting paid for this review. I am giving this 10/10 simply because I love this service.

the best support team I ever encountered. you will get a response within 5minutes of submitting a ticket to tech support. and within 24hrs for billing and sales. this is not bot responses either. a real human being reads your ticket and responds within 5minutes. how awesome is that ?

99% up-time, as they promise. nothing to say more. I have experienced VPS downtime couple of time, not more than for few minutes. and never experienced my dedicated server down. I cant say that it never happened, at least not that I am aware of. though I am a person who works on websites for 12hrs a day, every day.

Hardware & Features:
Knownhost offers wide variety of servers and features. traditional VPS, SSD-VPS, Dedicated Servers, SSL certificated and many addons. except shared hosting.

price is a little higher than most linux vps, dedicated server providers. but these are managed servers. well worth the price for managed servers considering they saves you a lot of time and hassle.

this is my honest review. if you have a different opinion or would like to add something, here is your chance to publish your own review of knownhost. review
10 / 10 Reviewer
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  • Fast servers
  • Many options and features
  • Offers wider range of hosting
  • superb support
  • fully managed
  • a little expensive
  • knownhost prices are a little bit expensive but justified by their superb service servers.
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    About GoDaddy

    Worried about GoDaddy flying-by-night with your precious website? Read what makes GoDaddy trustworthy enough and the story behind how GoDaddy got there. € NYSE: GDDY € is a publicly traded web hosting provider and domain registrar. Founded in 1997, it is headquartered in Arizona, USA.

    GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar and manages over a whopping 65 million domain names. It employs more than 5000 people and serves well over 20 million customers. In a nutshell, GoDaddy is the Google of domain name registration world.

    GoDaddy is primarily in the business of

    1.    Domain Name Registration

    2.    Web Hosting Solutions

    3.    Website Creation Tools

    GoDaddy’s History

    It’s always nice to know about the history of an organization to know where they are coming from and how stable they are. It is much too obvious that you should rely on a twenty old company rather than a twenty month old for your business.

    GoDaddy is one of the oldest surviving internet companies. GoDaddy was founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons and was called JoMax Technologies. JoMax re-branded itself as GoDaddy in 1999. According to official spokesperson at the time, the name was used for being cheesy and memorable.

    The mid 2000’s marked the beginning of an era where every company wanted to move from being a noun to a verb. Yahoo! made high decibel pitches of Do You Yahoo!? Adobe started promoting “Photoshop that image” on discussion forums and of course, post its IPO, everyone was already Google-ing or still better Googling.

    It was in this climate of “We are a verb not a noun anymore” that GoDaddy branded itself as ‘GoDaddy’ from the initial ‘Go Daddy’ of that late 90s.

    GoDaddy has never looked back since that time. Through a string of cleverly planned acquisitions they became the largest domain registrar surpassing their competitors by a wide margin.

    Facilities and Infrastructure at GoDaddy

    GoDaddy’s grand success at domain registration and web hosting is backed by a huge sprawling data center in Phoenix, Arizona. The complex boasts amazing state-of-the-art physical and online security features.

    GoDaddy’s Corporate Strategy – What makes GoDaddy so Successful?

    A large number of business schools nowadays have a case study on GoDaddy. These MBA students and professionals attempt to analyze and possibly replicate the grand success of GoDaddy. The general consensus of these studies seems to be that infrastructure of GoDaddy is only an enabler in the success of GoDaddy, it is not the main reason. The studies seem to point out that GoDaddy is great (and they mean really great) at marketing. Unlike the popular perception of marketing being the science of putting irritating ads wherever eye falls, marketing is the science of providing customers what they need, where they need at the price they need.

    And GoDaddy has fixed all the three pillars of marketing. They provide what people need (reliable hosting, easy website construction and domain names) at the price people want (they are the cheapest) and whenever they want (being online it is 24 x7, but so are the competitors. So this is not much of a differentiator).

    GoDaddy figured out early that in an open free market such as that of domain name registration and web hosting where there are countless competitors and barriers to entry are low, there can only be two ways of survival –

    1.    Be a differentiator – provide extra-ordinary services OR

    2.    Be the lowest cost player

    Being a differentiator in the business of domain name registration and web hosting is pretty difficult. It is what economists would call commodity market. Domain name registered with company X, after all, can be no different from the domain name registered with company Y.

    Therefore, GoDaddy chose to be a  cost player. Most people registering domain names and requiring a web hosting solution are first timers. They are just venturing into online business or still aren’t making loads of money. They are invariably on a tight budget. You can imagine how many Google.coms and might be getting registered every day. Moreover, players like do not go looking for shared web hosting or a website builder to get started. This market is characterized by customers looking to save every single penny of expenditure.

    This strategy has paid off for GoDaddy. Once they became the lowest cost player, customers flocked in. This allowed them to allocate capital for advertising and sponsorship of sports events. Their advertising strategy focuses on what they do best – provide lowest cost domain name registration. Like a vicious spiral, there is a sacred anti-spiral. GoDaddy’s popularity and outreach are a testimony to that anti-spiral.

    For the sake of completeness, let’s analyze how a differentiator would have used the additional money they receive from the rising sales. A differentiator would have ploughed back that extra cash into further improving the infrastructure without increasing the price much. But this strategy is unlikely to yield much benefit because most customers are cost-conscious and prefer a low cost solution over the one which provides more features.

    GoDaddy’s Web Hosting Business

    GoDaddy has often been criticized for being poor at being customer service and slow speeds of its hosting solutions.

    This is of course unfair to a great extent. You can’t expect royal treatment for pennies. If you go with the lowest cost provider you must be prepared to endure certain hardships. This isn’t cheating. It is a survival tactic on GoDaddy’s part. If they start rolling red carpet for each of their 20+ million customers, they would be in chapter 11’s protection in no time. Providing extra-ordinary services at low prices is recipe for just one thing, and you guessed it – disaster.

    If a customer wishes to have a high speed and a customer service executive tailing him at every WordPress theme change, he would have to go with a differentiator rather than with a low cost provider such as GoDaddy.

    Why is GoDaddy so Successful?

    Many consider GoDaddy a failure. In the period between 2009 and 2015 GoDaddy made losses and has failed to post a profit. The detractors fail to point out that the company has a market capitalization of 4.62 Bn $. Most people would fail to count the number of zeros there and surely nobody reading this sentence will ever hold that much money in his hand.

    GoDaddy’s revenue stand in the vicinity of 1.5 Bn $. GoDaddy being a cost player means that it is not the top line (revenue) but the bottom line (the profits) that matters most. GoDaddy’s stock has remain range bound since the IPO between 29 and 35, and this low beta is a positive sign for the investors.

    But the fact remains that GoDaddy is good at what it does – provide cheapest name registration and web hosting. After so much thrashing, GoDaddy still remains one of the most popular web hosting provider and domain name registrar. This may partly be attributed to the corporate strategy described above. But it must be noted here that part of GoDaddy’s success is because of the way Google and other search engines work. Google’s algorithm is designed to not pay much attention to a new website. Even if you are Professor Donald Knuth writing on Algorithms, Google and other search engines will ignore you for the first few months. (SEO experts claim that it is six months.) During this darkened period a web entrepreneur cannot be sure if he is going to make it to the front page of search engine rankings. Understandably, he does not want to shell out too much money in this period. Since GoDaddy provides no-frills web hosting and the traffic in this initial period is low anyway, odds quickly turn in GoDaddy’s favor.

    GoDaddy’s Outlook

    GoDaddy is likely to remain robust in the coming years, in spite of the changes at top. This is because GoDaddy is a cost player in a market which is the epitome of cost-conscious customers. It is quite likely that new web entrepreneurs will continue to flock to GoDaddy as they have done in the past. GoDaddy may not be the (and is unlikely to ever be the) Google of web hosting but it will continue to receive new customers. GoDaddy may have a substantial outflux of customers, they have a larger influx of new customers.


    Overall, GoDaddy is strong enough to be trusted. It has survived long enough to be trusted with your website and domain name.

    GoDaddy is the largest domain name registrar, it will continue being the front runner in that space. GoDaddy will continue being favorites of first-time web entrepreneurs and owners of risky web-ventures. This outlook is largely because of the customer behavior in this space. Most customers are cost conscious and tech-savvy. Lack of a technical feature, or a DIY imposition is hardly a problem for these customers.

    In a nutshell, GoDaddy has got the pulse of customers and has chosen a corporate strategy which is in tune with the consumer behavior. The bottom line may not look favorable at the moment, but future does look promising.

    Godaddy Review
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    Bonphire offers a variety of dedicated and shared hosting solutions for both Windows and Linux users. They have a wide range of packages to choose from, starting from basic to the advanced (and pricier) packages. Bonphire aims to be a one-stop-shop service provider for the most in-demand services.

    The Hosting Package

    The Hosting Packages of Bonphire can be divided into two – the shared hosting and dedicated hosting (available only for Linux). For the Windows shared hosting package, it starts at $4.95 per month with 100 MB of web space for the Economy package, $9.95 per month with 1.5 GB of web space for the Deluxe package and $19.95 per month with 3 GB of web space. For Linux users, the Deluxe hosting package is priced at $9.95 per month for the 1 GB of web space. All of these packages offer free set up.

    For the dedicated hosting package for Linux users, it starts at $67.99 for the 2.5 GB of web space.

    What’s Great About Bonphire?

    • No annual commitment required

    Unlike other web hosting solutions provider that require you to sign up with them for a whole year, Bonphire gives you the flexibility to partner with them for a fraction of the year. This is good if you want to make sure that you are completely happy with the service before committing with them for a longer term.

    • Fast trouble ticket turnaround

    Bonphire’s customer support staff is quite adept in handling technical issues and trouble tickets are recognized and addressed within 24 hours. This is critical if you want to immediately know what is causing the issue you are experiencing.

    • Support for both Windows and Linux

    Bonphire has support for both Windows and Linux OS, unlike other hosting companies that focus on Linux alone. This gives you the flexibility to run your service on either operating system. This also means that if you need to switch OS’ in the middle of a project, it shouldn’t be an issue with Bonphire.

    • Several packages available

    Bonphire has one of the most diverse packages in the industry, with several options available depending on the customers needs. This means that you will most likely find the exact type of package that you need and want for your project.

    What’s Disappointing About Bonphire?

    &#10006 No unlimited storage plans

    If you are looking at reselling their hosting service or anticipate high traffic to your site, then you will be disappointed to know that Bonphire does not have any unlimited storage plan. Although they have a lot of other plans in varying disk space sizes and domains hosted, they do not have the usual unlimited storage space package.

    &#10006 Not much actual user reviews

    There is not much known on how good Bonphire’s performance is, especially when it comes to their uptime and downtime record. This is mostly because they are a young team compared to the other players out there.

    The Bottomline

    Bonphire provides good customer support, which will significantly lessen your headaches post deployment. If you are not too picky about a company’s age and track record and brave enough to try someone new, then you can consider using Bonphire as the host of your web services.

    Bonphire Review
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    PowWeb web hosting is a private organization. They made their debut back in 1999 and have been going very strong ever since.

    All of the network infrastructure and equipment is owned by PowWeb web hosting and maintained by their team of experts to ensure that everything goes just the way that it should.

    PowWeb web hosting only offers one web hosting plan where you can get unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

    PowWeb has great pricing on their web hosting solutions.

    Don’t let that fool you. They pack each order with a great amount of features in order to ensure the success of your website(s) hosted with PowWeb web hosting

    There hasn’t been anyone coming to us complaining about the quality of PowWeb web hosting.

    With that said, they offer extraordinary support and web hosting.

    PowWeb Hosting Value

    As far as PowWeb web hosting is concerned, they offer one of the best web hosting plans in the industry.

    Although they have only one web hosting plan, it definitely gives you what you need to host a website and keep it there throughout its growth.

    Well, keep in mind that shared web hosting isn’t an alternative for a dedicated server.

    They pack each web hosting account with great features which makes it well worth the few dollars a month they ask for their web hosting solution.

    PowWeb Hosting Support

    PowWeb web hosting offers 24/7 support via e-mail, telephone, and live chat.

    This is definitely a must for any web hosting provider, simply because it shows that they are giving you what you’re paying for.

    They also have a forum where you can communicate with other users.

    PowWeb Control Panel

    PowWeb web hosting offers their users with the opportunity to use a control panel that was developed exclusively for PowWeb.

    They offer a nice community with useful webmaster resources as well as forums to provide PowWeb web hosting customers with a nice informational gateway.

    Along with this, you have everything that you need in order to manage your PowWeb web hosting accounts.

    How reliable is PowWeb web hosting?

    PowWeb utilizes load-balancing technology in order to help make their reliability even better.

    What this means is that multiple servers are used to power PowWeb web hosting accounts. If one of the servers goes down, the website isn’t affected since there is another server that will pick up the slack.

    PowWeb web hosting is known for their great reliability reputation, which simply means that when you choose PowWeb web hosting, you are truly in great hands.

    PowWeb Hosting Reviews
    6 / 10 Reviewer
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    Images are one of the important part of web and we often need images of specific kind. I use Google to find images which is powerful and dig deep to come up with images according to my needs. But there are also some dedicated image search engines that can search in realtime, search for free images etc. In this article i come up with 10 great image search engines. Give them a try.

    1.Comp Fight:

    2.Every Stock Photo:

    3.Fagan Finder:


    5.Google Images:


    7.Photo Gen:

    8.Pic Fog:

    9.Pic Search:


    Apple iPhone is one of the most used cellular phone around the globe. Its popular because its simple to use, easily available and have millions of useful apps for almost everything. I fall in love with iPhone when i first saw it with a friend and now I am using it since 2009. As a webmasters i can’t afford to be away from my sites for long, here iPhone apps helps me to stay on the top of things all the times. In this article i have compiled a list of 12 free iPhone apps for webmasters. Hope these apps will help you manage efficiently.

    1. Chart Beat:

    Chartbeat is for subscribers of the chartbeat real time analytics service for websites. Chartbeat gives you real time analytics so that you know what’s happening when it’s happening. Control the story, track a product launch, exploit an opportunity from the moment they happen and much more.

    2. Crop for Free:

    Cropping is a must have utility, and this one is free. Just click the crop icon, grab the red brackets in any corner of the photo and drag to size. What is better than having a great cropping utility on your iPhone/? Many current users have said that cropping a photo on the iPhone gives the same effect as digital camera zoom software. Try it out.

    3. Go Daddy Domain and Email Manager:

    Register and manage domains with DNS Control, Forwarding, Nameserver management, and renewal from your iPhone.


    • Quickly send and receive Go Daddy email in our Mobile Workspace mail client.
    • Manage Dedicated and Virtual Dedicated Servers, Online Files, Hosting, & Email accounts, as well as Go Daddy account settings.
    • Search, browse, track, bid, make an offer, and purchase domains in the Go Daddy Auctions Domain Name Aftermarket.
    • Renew all your Go Daddy products, and receive notifications about upcoming expirations.

    4. iAdSense:

    Check your Earnings due since the last payment, Page Impressions, Clicks, CTR, eCPM and Earnings for Today, Yesterday, This Month and the month before! iAdSense features a simple, intuitive and fast user interface. If you’re a SEO or website owner this is a tool you simply must have!

    5. Pingdom:

    Pingdom iPhone app lets you connect to the Pingdom uptime monitoring service and view the current status of the servers and websites you are monitoring. It is a handy companion when you receive an error alert from Pingdom.


    • Get alerts directly to your iPhone (push notifications).
    • View the current status (up or down) of all your monitored sites.
    • View uptime and response time statistics for each site.
    • Customize the list of shown checks (each check monitors a site or server).
    • Get information about each check, such as its monitoring resolution, check type (HTTP, Ping, DNS, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, TCP port, etc) and target (IP address or URL).

    6. SEO Pro Lite:

    SEO Pro Lite is the perfect tool to monitor your SEO and Marketing efforts. This is a free version of SEO Pro which is limited to 1 domain and with ads. The full version will give you unlimited domains and without ads!

    7. Site Catalyst:

    Omniture SiteCatalyst provides marketers with actionable, real time intelligence about online strategies and marketing initiatives. SiteCatalyst helps marketers quickly identify the most profitable paths through their Web site, determine where visitors are navigating away from their site, and identify critical success metrics for online marketing campaigns. SiteCatalyst is part of the Omniture Online Business Optimization Suite.

    8. Web Source Viewer:

    Web source viewer is a very simple app that displays web source like HTML by entering URL you want to see. This app is for web developers, Designers and Webmasters and it is compatible with iPhone OS 3.0.

    9. Website SEO Analyser:

    Simply enter your domain name and the free Website SEO Analyser app from Koozai will automatically create a report on your site. This SEO diagnostic analysis will help you pinpoint the areas of your website that may need developing as a part of your ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts.

    10. Webtrends:

    The Webtrends iPhone app is the perfect mobile companion to Webtrends Analytics, the world’s most accurate web analytics platform. Fusing real time web analytics data with an easy to use interface, the Webtrends iPhone app helps you stay updated on your site performance wherever you are.


    • Quick access to real time key metrics data for all of your profiles.
    • Beautiful visualizations and efficient navigation.
    • Real time alerts with push notifications.
    • Save favorite profiles for quick access.
    • Landscape trend graph with daily data readout.

    11. What The Font:

    WhatTheFont Mobile connects directly to MyFonts’ acclaimed font identification service, which has been helping customers pinpoint mystery fonts for 10 years. It works via Wi-Fi or the mobile phone network, so you can get your font fix right there on the spot.

    12. WordPress:

    It’s easy to manage your WordPress blog or site from your iOS device. With WordPress for iOS, you can moderate comments, create or edit posts and pages, view stats, and add images or videos with ease. All you need is a blog or a self-hosted site running 3.1 or higher.

    The good: They’ve been in business since 1998, and they’re extremely reliable and well-known in the industry. They cater to new webmasters but have tons of features for the guru in you as well.

    The bad: They don’t offer advertising credits through Google Adwords.

    The bottom line: Lunarpages is focused on keeping the customer happy, so you can relax and host your website effortlessly – and for a price you really can afford.

    Lunarpages Hosting Overview

    Lunarpages is a good web host, offering over 140,000 customers worldwide incredibly reliable hosting services. Since 1998, Lunarpages has been working with small business owners, personal website enthusiasts, and even Fortune 100 gurus to get their websites online and backed up by Lunarpages state-of-the-art equipment. Lunarpages’ plans are affordable and above all reliable, so you have more free time for yourself instead of worrying about your web hosting.

    For new webmasters, try LPQuicksite, Lunarpages 1-2-3 website builder, or their Basic Hosting Plan, perfect for 90% of webmasters who want to host a blog, family website, small to medium business, and more.

    For advanced webmasters, we recommend their VPS Hosting or line of affordable Dedicated Servers.

    Lunarpages Price Value

    Lunarpages is constantly offering bigger and better hosting plans, as well as limited time discounts for new and existing customers. Their storage, bandwidth, and hosting resources will really amaze you, but they keep it simple so even the most novice webmaster can easily create a website in no time.

    Included With LunarPages Accounts:

    • FREE Domain For Life
    • 1500 GB Storage Space
    • 15,000 GB Bandwidth/month
    • Free Site Promotion
    • Free e-Commerce Shopping Carts
    • Free SiteBuilder with Templates
    • Free Setup
    • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
    • 24/7 Award Winning Technical Support

    Account Features:

    Lunarpages approves all accounts within 30 minutes, so you’re setup and ready to go ASAP! They make it easy to setup blogs (like WordPress, Typo, b2evolution), CMS (like Joomla!), photo galleries, shopping carts, FAQ systems, chatrooms, forums, and a ton of additional features. One of the great things about Lunarpages is that they are incredibly easy to work with for new users but also support advanced technologies and software like PHP, JSP, ASP, PERL, AJAX, MySQL, CGI, Ruby on Rails, and even SSH Shell Access.

    Customize Your Perfect Plan

    If you aren’t satisfied, Lunarpages can help. You can fully customize their web hosting plans to meet your needs. So if you need advanced features like Apache 2 web server or a Dedicated IP address, you can add those to whatever plan you choose. Most users will find that the Basic Hosting or LPQuicksite will more than satisfy their needs, but if not it’s good to know you have other options as well.

    Lunarpages Uptime And Reliability

    Lunarpages operates out of 3 secure datacenters: One Wilshire in Los Angeles, CA; Marquisnet in Las Vegas, NV; and one in Riverside, CA. All their datacenters are backed by state-of-the-art fire prevention, multi-layer physical and digital security measures, redundant power and AC, cooling to support 150 Watts per square foot, Dual Backup Generators and electrical feeds, HVAC redundant air distribution under aised flooring, and even humidity control. This assures your websites are up and running, with a 99.9% uptime. Their 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee offers a great benefit to try before you buy.

    Your Hosting Control Panel

    Lunarpages uses several simple control panels: cPanel for their Basic, Business, and Dedicated Plans; Plesk for their Windows Hosting, VPS, and Dedicated Plans; and even Lunarpages-created control panels for LPQuicksite and Dedicated. As a customer with Lunarpages, you can be sure you will get an incredibly powerful but simple control panel you can start working with today to upload photos and music, publish your websites, install blogs and forums or content management systems, run scripts, and more.

    cPanel comes standard with:

    • Easy blog, forum, chatroom, photo gallery installation
    • Easy shopping cart setup with Agora, osCommerce, Zen, or Cube Cart
    • Easy email and webmail access
    • The ability to manage UNLIMITED domains from 1 control panel
    • Simple MySQL database administration

    Plesk comes standard with:

    • Easy blog, forum, chatroom, photo gallery installation
    • Easy shopping cart setup
    • Easy email and webmail access
    • MS SQL database administration
    • SmarterMail email spam solutions
    • ASP & ASP.NET

    Lunarpages also offers LPQuicksite, which uses a customized control panel created by and for Lunarpages customers only! You can check it out via their LPQuicksite Demo.

    Lunarpages Customer Support

    Lunarpages is known in the industry for their quick, helpful assistance. With 24/7 award-winning technical support, you can be sure they’ll take good care of you.

    Lunarpages Hosting Review
    8 / 10 Reviewer
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    Leave your rating Web Hosting has been around since the beginning days of the Internet. They sure don’t plan on leaving this virtual planet anytime soon as they have been going strong since their first day.

    When it comes to the hosting options at Web Hosting, they offer just about anything that your heart could truly desire. Some of the hosting options offered include Windows web hosting, Linux web hosting, and dedicated servers.

    One of the unique plans to Web Hosting is a “bare bones” option which includes a domain name registration, fifty e-mail accounts, 2 web pages, and a web design tool. You can expect to have 5 gigabytes of hard drive space with this package available at Web Hosting. Price Value web hosting really isn’t all about loading you down with features that you really don’t have a use for. With that said, they offer you a variety of web hosting plans to choose from.

    While it may be a slightly daunting task to find the right one to suit your requirements, they do offer you the ability to upgrade or downgrade the web hosting plan at any time that you wish to do so. Support web hosting provides you with the support that you need via your control panel.

    They have a nice knowledge base with all kinds of information as well as a forum which is pretty popular. Support for web hosting is available 24/7, 365 days per year. Control Panel Web Hosting provides you with a web based control panel which you can access from anywhere in the world.

    How reliable is Web Hosting? Web Hosting is a subsidiary company of Affinity Internet. Affinity Internet is known for their attention to detail when it comes to the network infrastructure and they aren’t scared to provide a thirty day money back guarantee by any means.

    When it comes to the data center that’s used, it’s looked at as the “Fort Knox” of data centers because of its very intricate level of on-site security measures and very effective backup plan when it comes to data and power. Web hosting utilizes the power of cloud hosting in order to assure that their customers are very well taken care of at all times.

    Redundancy is the name of the game when it comes to the network. They have high speed connections powering their servers with a significant strategy plan when any unexpected problems may arise. Hosting Review
    7 / 10 Reviewer
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    Dot5 Hosting is a web hosting provider who truly strives to provide a full service web hosting solution to each and every Dot5 Hosting client.

    They have also added some great features over time which includes the vDeck control panel, a free domain name, a few marketing tools, and the ability to host as many as twenty five websites in one account.

    It can’t get much better than that, can it? Actually it can with their networks which is linked to well known carriers such as Sonet, Cogent, and Time Warner.

    Dot5 Hosting has come from the reputation of a small company that many people didn’t know about to being one of the most popular web hosting companies in the industry to this day. They host tens of thousands of clients at the iPower Web data center, where they have “Power Partner” status.

    Dot5 Hosting Value

    Let’s start this off by saying that for less than four bucks per month that you can host up to six websites on one account. Since you will be given an unlimited amount of space as well as an unlimited amount of bandwidth, you are getting a pretty good deal, even if you don’t need to host more than one website.

    With the amount of allocations and features, Dot5 Hosting is giving you everything that you need to grow your website without having to worry about choosing a different Dot5 Hosting plan later on down the road.

    Dot5 Hosting has compiled a set of rich features to include with their web hosting plans. Some of the features that you can look forward to when hosting with Dot5 Hosting are a piece of software that allows you to edit your website, a marketing center to provide you with the tools that you need to market your website, a search engine submission tool, a reporting system for search engine submissions, meta tag/keyword generator, a wide array of shopping carts, link checker, and a fifty dollar voucher for Overture.

    Aside from all of the great features that you can expect to get with Dot5 Hosting, you can expect to receive PHP, CGI, Perl, and MySQL support.

    There is quite a bit more that you can expect to receive when you sign up for Dot5 Hosting, the list of what you get is just about endless.

    How’s Dot5’s Support?

    Dot5 Hosting clearly understands that the level of support that they provide their clients with is serious business in the hosting industry. Therefore, they always have plenty of qualified support team members on hand at every hour of the day.

    They also have a knowledge base full of helpful information, walk-through guides, a support ticket system, live chat with support, and a message board for important announcements.

    As you can see, Dot5 Hosting offers a lot whenever it comes to providing their customers with the support that they truly need.

    Dot5 Hosting Control Panel

    The control panel that’s used for Dot5 Hosting is vDeck, which is a commonly used and feature rich control panel that provides you with the tools that you need in order to enhance your website(s) to its fullest potential.

    You get website statistics and everything that you need in one easy to use web based interface when you use the vDeck control panel.

    Uploading your website files and backing up your precious data couldn’t get any easier than it is with the vDeck control panel.

    There are many tutorials to guide you through using each feature of vDeck in case you’re new to this website control panel.

    On top of that, you get access to over one hundred and fifty website templates to create that snazzy website that you have always wanted.

    How reliable is Dot5 Hosting?

    Dot5 Hosting backs their services by a 99.9% uptime guarantee to give their customers the assurance that they need when it comes to keeping their website(s) online.

    The hardware is supported by Dot5 Hosting to ensure that any hardware failure doesn’t damage a website.

    Also, Dot5 Hosting provides their customers with uptime monitoring and a backup solution around the clock. This just goes to show that at Dot5 Hosting, your website(s) are in really good hands.

    On top of providing a reliable strategy when it comes to web hosting, Dot5 Hosting backs their services with a ninety day money back guarantee.

    This goes to show that Dot5 Hosting is dedicated to making each and every customer happy with them.

    A ninety day money back guarantee is very rare within the web hosting industry, thus Dot5 Hosting is going the extra mile when it comes to provide reliable and top notch web hosting services.

    Dot5 Hosting Review
    6.9 / 10 Reviewer
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