It is true that practically all websites should do SEO, but it is also true that it has some disadvantages that are noticeable in the short term, and not everyone can wait. Next we will see some of the key points that a SEM campaign offers to get more benefit from our company:

Advantages of doing a SEM campaign

1.- The first and most notable advantage offered by a SEM campaign is that it is instantaneous. From the moment you pay, your website will be in the top positions until you run out of the budget that you have spent on the payments per click of your keywords.

2.- The second advantage is obviously the position you occupy in Google while you are doing the SEM campaign. It is much easier to buy yourself being in first position, to buy your competition, being them on the second page.

3.- Possibility to segment the market. What does this mean? It’s very simple. At the moment I open a SEM campaign, I must know what my target audience is and contact them, as the money spent on the campaign will only be on a potential client. (Remember that the money that is invested in a campaign is only consumed when the ad is clicked).

4.- Possibility that the potential client reaches the page you want. You choose where you want to direct traffic.

5.- As many keywords as we want. It is convenient that the keywords are studied and we know that we are really offering the product that the people who put those keywords are looking for.

6.- It is possible to estimate the results before starting the SEM campaign. Depending on the investment we make in the campaign itself we can know more or less the clicks and the reach they have.

7.- One of the things that I would like to highlight, is that even if your website is outdated, it does not matter, since while you pay Google, he will be positioning you.

8.- We are the one who created the ad, and we can give free rein to our creativity, to attract more customers to our website.

As a conclusion, and also a brief advice, is that if you are going to carry out an SEM campaign, do it with a professional, since it is true that it has many advantages, but if you do not do it well, you can be throwing your money away, and in this sector in the end the cheap, it is expensive.

Do you have time and want to end up saving? SEO

Do you want results already? Do not you mind making an investment from the start? SEM.
I hope you liked the article, and especially that it has helped you to make a good decision.

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