If you are planning to prioritize the tasks related to SEO for upcoming year and plan where your hard earned would be spent best on SEO, it would actually make sense for considering what are the tactics and strategies likely to be effective in coming year—and this is precisely what we will discuss here.

As an initial step, it makes good sense to review the tactics which Google has updated in the guidelines of search Quality Rating. Luckily, the comparison was done by searchengineland.com that saved your precious time and streamlined your competence to future-proof the website.

There is no doubt that content is very significant for success in SEO during the year 2019. Also, the most crucial changes, as per SEL, is when Google instructs their human raters for looking beyond reputation of specific website to examine the reputation of content creators.

So, in the year 2019 and even beyond, you need to pay complete attention to whom you would permit to write the guest posts, though even building up own reputation of content creator by offering the guest posts for relevant and reputable sites. Now, below mentioned there are some 3 effective SEO trends.

SEO Trend #1:

Sites which make content to work harder will be advantageous!

You may be really tired of phrase, “content is king,” believe me this is for good reason. It has been for a quite long time, though not with the context today, like various other clichés, it may also feel exposed of the meaning. Hence, hopefully you will be able to forgive us when they suggest that you should never throw the baby out through bathwater: however, toss the clichés though still keeping eye strategically on expanding entire content. The fact is that Google is rewarding the long form of content, as long it is written in ways which benefits the users of the site.

For making this happen, you need to review the service pages and keep them on high priority for importance. After this, working from most important to least important, you will see where you will be able to add informative section of FAQ to expand the value of upon page. You must be wondering that why FAQs? So, the answer is that they are an excellent method to work naturally in keywords that includes those with the commercial intent also including the questions that help you to optimize for the queries of voice search.

Other efficient ways for expanding the service pages includes adding the checklists, particularly those which help the site visitors for solving the problems that are held commonly. It’s even helpful adding the testimonials mentioned by your best customers, even snippets from the case studies with the links for complete studies, and much more. What is more important to understand is that boosting the word count is not actually a magic potion. The Search engines wish to offer the high-quality of the content in results pages which are much useful for the viitors of the site, so ensure that you expand the content in year 2019 and beyond this in such a way that helps to satisfy what are the target audience and what they wish to know.

As long-form of blog posts, you need to consider shift writing, mention, 3-4 to be shorter pieces every month to the in-depth one which provide high potential for the Google visibility. It may also cost you same budget, but this will reward you much more. Or, if you wish to increase the budget of the content, you can either include the posts of long-form along with short ones that you have been writing and creating the multiple posts for long-form on a monthly basis.

It may feel intimidating switching from short form to the long form posts, also there are various ways to collect valuable details. It includes:

  • Talking to the team members that have customer contact for searching their desires, concerns and much more
  • Talking to the cross-section of the customers
  • Taking the Interview of experts in field; that includes people in the company with the ones who are in your social and professional network.
  • Review about what are other bloggers saying on topic and mention what is most engaging; it may include what you would agree with and also what you don’t agree upon.
  • Reading the relevant studies and offering the context in simple and unique way
  • Using the data which is found in Google Analytics to the decipher patterns
  • Conducting the surveys
  • Using the customer reviews and testimonials

Sections in the long-form posts may also incorporate pertinent history and context of the subject, along with the overviews and timelines, FAQs, checklist, survey results and much more. You may also offer the quotes from the experts, with relevant images that are ideally original and also about the how-to videos with some of the additional resources for the readers to explore the predictions for future.

SEO Trend #2 Link Building!

Link building is known to be the natural component of content marketing. In past, you may have also looked outward to check who might have the link inward. Also, though, it is quite important to initially create the linkable content assets, the ones that are above described, and then also market them to the people who possibly find them as most interesting content, also valuable and worth sharing.

The thumb rule for content marketing is that used to be the half of the resources must be also spent developing content with other half which is going towards the marketing of assets. In the year 2019, we believe that this percentage must be weighted in favor of creating strategic content, with ratios such as 70/30, or 80/20.

Now, the question is how will you know that what is the right percentage for you? You also need to analyze how much you have developed the relationships with the relevant influencers to the date. Though that kind of the work is not “done,” when you are pretty far, you might be able to spend about 80 percent of the content marketing and link building time for creating linkable content assets. When you have a long way to go in the development of relationship, then the ratio could be 70/30—or possibly 60/40 till you solidify the relationships.

When you create progressively more numbers of the linkable assets and when you market them well, you will be able to notice that a small percentage of the inbound links will go to home page. Rather, they will also go directly to particular pieces of the content of interest for the readers.

SEO Trend #3:

Consistent and Quality Online Reviews

Back in old days, it may also have felt that you just required facilitating regular supply of the Google Reviews and then you will be good to go. But the fact is, you need to go further. Reason is also simple, as Google becomes much sophisticated; they look for signals of real-world that indicate that customers appreciate the companies, thereby making the gimmicks to be less successful.

This is also definitely great news for White hat SEO agencies and quality companies.

It is believed that Google will reward sites with the reviews to be much diverse than Google and Yelp. Additionally, we also expect that time and again good reviews will even get rewarded—and, for making this happens; companies need to have some good products, effective services, and moreover good people.

The question is, is that all?

Here, answer is no. They are effective SEO trends for the year 2019, but not only have those which are mentioned above, rather other trends included:

  • Enhancing the significance of technical aspects of SEO
  • branded searches that are serving strong ranking factors for search engine

Companies need to identify the budget to spend and then should also prioritize the dollars appropriately. They should even recognize that, since Google continues rewarding the real world and time consuming strategies, planning far adequate ahead of the time in expedition to meet the goals on timeline is much crucial.

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