If you are a web-entrepreneur venturing out in the online world for the first time, you need to be careful with a few things. First and foremost is the domain name. Your domain name is your identity in the online world. If you intend to succeed without producing waiting for a decade you must get the domain name part right. The second most crucial factor determining your success is your web hosting. This is the place your website is going to live in.

Unless your idea as innovative as a light bulb, your choice of domain name and web hosting together is the single most important factors in success.

Therefore, this article discusses what should a new, first-time web entrepreneur do to maximize his chances of success. The title is a give-away, but we have analyzed and reasoned as-if our business is stake. We will indeed discuss why GoDaddy makes a great choice, but there is a caveat. Don’t expect extraordinary customer focus at lowest price. You always get only what you pay for. If you are careless you might get conned and not get what you paid for. But it is unlikely you will ever get more than what you pay for. At least don’t expect that from GoDaddy.

There are no free lunches, there aren’t any free web hosting providers either. Really.

Reason #1: GoDaddy is Cheapest

Web is a hyper-competitive marketplace. Thousands of new domain names are registered each day. And thousands fade into oblivion every day. Competing is such an overcrowded buyer’s market implies that success can never be guaranteed. Even if you have a slick design, innovative idea and unique content, success may still prove evasive. Therefore, smart web entrepreneurs test the waters before throwing in tons of money. It makes sense to start small on web. This applies even for people and organizations that have deep pockets.

So, your first website must consume least resources, be cheapest and yet be competitive enough to give your idea a fair chance. If you are wondering that it might just be impossible to achieve that check out the domain name and web hosting solutions at GoDaddy. GoDaddy offers huge discounts for first time registrations. If you succeed and your website demands more resources, you can always upgrade or move to a different web hosting provider. If you don’t, you can be happy that you minimized your sunk costs.

You save money with GoDaddy. Hunt for as long as you like, there is nothing out there cheaper than GoDaddy. Web hosting at $1/month is absolutely rock bottom.

Reason #2: Free Domain Name

GoDaddy gives you a free domain name with all their web hosting plans. Your free domain’s life is the same as that of your web hosting plan. You need to pay for domain renewal at the end of the specified period. This offer is a blessing for new websites. If your website succeeds you pay for the renewal or else just work on erasing bad memories. You never spent a dime on domain name anyway.

Reason #3: Integrated Services

GoDaddy is a big corporation with upstream and downstream integration. What this essentially means is that at GoDaddy you will find everything that you need to run a web business. Hold on. We are not recommending everything that GoDaddy offers. But it is always much simpler if your domain name registrar is also your web hosting provider. You would certainly save yourself a lot of headache that way. Since GoDaddy provides both these services under the same roof (and the fact that domain name is free) you can save yourself a lot of time by buying both from GoDaddy.

Reason #4: Reliability Factor due to GoDaddy’s Size

GoDaddy is a really old organization. You can read more about GoDaddy in our Godaddy Review. The bottom line is that they are the biggest domain name registrar and have been in business for a long time. Thus, it is unlikely that they are going to fly-by-night with your money and domain name. GoDaddy’s massive size ensures that you would not have such unpleasant experiences. It is tormenting to even think what a first time web entrepreneur would do if his hosting provider disappeared with the domain name.

Don’t get us wrong. Sometimes a small web hosting provider may work out to be better than giants. But that is most certainly not true for your website. You are much better off following the beaten path when you are new in the game.

Reason #5: Plenty of Online Help

GoDaddy has a massive repository of help documents. There are numerous forums and websites that are dedicated to the problems you might face in setting up your website with GoDaddy. Since GoDaddy has such a large number of customers, it is very very unlikely that you would stumble on a bug or an issue that hasn’t been noticed before. If you get stuck at some place, you can be sure that there are others who have been there and done that. A simple Google search is very likely to yield the answer to your question.

In the extremely unlikely event that you are not able to find a satisfactory solution to your problem you can call their 24 x 7 customer support. Don’t expect a royal treatment or immediate attention.

Reason #6: Uptime

One of the primary metrics for measuring the performance of web hosting provider is the uptime. Uptime is a measurement of how long the server hosting your website was dead. Uptime for servers is measured in minutes, hours and days but for web hosting providers is usually expressed as percentages. Nowadays 99.9% uptime has become a norm and GoDaddy meets that requirement. Uptime is such an important metric that it is impossible for any web hosting provider to differentiate on this feature.

Reason #7: Both Windows and Linux Options

If you go with GoDaddy, you can choose between Linux and Windows servers. Sometimes your technology stack demands a Windows hosting. At GoDaddy you can pick whatever suits you better. Though we must mention here that GoDaddy does not provide option of hosting Java stack.

Reason #8: Cloud Servers, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers

GoDaddy has excellent upgrade options when it comes to choosing servers for your web host. If you grow too big for shared hosting you can pay extra and buy VPS hosting. Absolutely nothing changes on your website. Your visitors will not see anything change. If you outgrow VPS hosting also, you can (party and) buy dedicated server hosting. GoDaddy also has free Cloud servers aimed at developers. Developers can develop and test websites on GoDaddy’s cloud for free before going live.

Reason #9: Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the network capacity at your disposal. Your bandwidth determines how many people can visit your website, whether you will be handle to lots of high quality images on your website and what happens in the rare event that you have a traffic avalanche. GoDaddy offers you unlimited bandwidth with all there hosting plans. Though nothing is ever unlimited, it means that GoDaddy will make a best effort to handle an unsual traffic situation and will not charge you extra in any case. This is in sharp contrast to some of the other hosting providers which have differential charging plans based on the number of visitors.

Reason #10: One Click WordPress Install

In our humble opinion, this is one the most revolutionary to have taken place during the last decade. Now anyone can go live online in 10 minutes with a single click.

GoDaddy, like all other web hosting providers, has a single click install for popular CMS such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla!

In fact it gets even simpler for WordPress. GoDaddy has a managed WordPress hosting plan that gives you a WordPress installation on a single click. The configuration steps and hence chances of errors are reduced.
Caveat Emptor

Though we have outlined above the reasons why GoDaddy is a great choice for hosting your first website, you should never throw caution to the wind. There are a few things you need to be always aware of –

Don’t expect world class technical support.
Never provide any information that can be used to make future purchases without your consent.
Don’t expect to scale to 100,000 unique visitors on a $1/month plan, no matter what hosting provider you go with.
Ensure that the domain you are buying is not toxic. The domain should not have had a bad history such as being part of spamming racket.
We HATE GoDaddy for their support of SOPA. Their advertising campaigns are tasteless. But this article focuses on pros and cons from the money angle and not social impact. They sure can save you money and prove ideal for your first website.

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